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Summer Vape

Summertime is for enjoying the warm weather while it’s there as well as forgetting our day to day stresses. With this emphasis on the great outdoors, travel and relaxation, it should be no surprise that summer is a wonderful time for vaping too.
There are plenty of fun and invigorating e-liquids designed with summer in mind. Whether you’re looking for tropical, exotic delights or the perfect recreation of traditional, summertime favourites like ice lollies, there’s a wide selection to choose from at the Medusa Juice Vape Store.
But while enjoying your vaping experience in the summer there are a few things to be aware of. High temperatures can affect your e-liquid or vaping equipment if precautions aren’t taken and if you travel abroad remember to check the local vaping laws before you arrive as they can vary significantly from country to country.

Tips and Tricks

Cool juices:

E-liquids contain many ingredients that are also used in food production, and like food they can be affected if stored at higher temperatures. During summer it’s important to keep your juices cool, especially while traveling as being in the heat too long will cause the juice to break down, ruining the flavour and eventually turning the e-liquid into an unpleasant gunk.
If you’re planning on spending the day outside or are bringing plenty of juice bottles while traveling consider keeping your e-liquids and equipment in a cooler. Or use an ice pack to keep their temperature low while you’re not using them. And if you’re relaxing at home then it’s a good idea to keep your e-liquids in the refrigerator. This should prevent the juice from turning bad and ruining your vaping experience.

Battery Safety:

Batteries can easily be damaged in the summer heat and care should be taken to keep them cool while not in use. 37 Degrees Celsius will cause most vaping batteries to begin degrading and lose their charge and higher temperatures could cause them to split.
With summer heatwaves in the UK or traveling to more tropical climates your batteries might reach these temperatures sooner than you’d expect. A battery left inside a car on a hot day can easily start degrading and lose its charge so keep them cool and out of direct sunlight while not in use.
If you’re traveling, remember to bring extra batteries, a spare charger or be prepared to buy new batteries during your travels. Not all vaping equipment or batteries are the same around the world, so be sure to find batteries that are of a similar standard to the ones you usually use as vaping is a demanding activity on your batteries, even without the extra heat of summer.

Vaping Equipment:

Just like your batteries and juices, vaping equipment should be kept cool and safe during the summer. While most vaping kits have a good level of splash resistance, be careful around pools, lakes, oceans and other bodies of water. Much like mobile phones, vaping equipment can sometimes be recovered after being dropped in water by removing the battery and allowing it to dry thoroughly, but this isn’t guaranteed to work, so be careful while enjoying the water this summer.
High temperatures, like those found in a closed car left out in the sun, can also damage the sensitive electronics in vaping kits. We all know that vaping equipment can handle getting warm from time to time, but be wary about leaving your favourite kit somewhere that might get uncomfortably hot for hours.
And depending on where you are in the world, the summer weather might also include unexpected downpours, so be careful of leaving your juices or equipment out if it might rain.

Vaping Abroad

As well as being a great time to enjoy vaping, summer is also the time for summer holidays. If you’re traveling abroad this summer be sure to check the local vaping laws and regulations before you leave. When visiting a country where vaping is illegal or restricted to specific locations you could face fines or have your equipment confiscated, so be sure you know the local laws before arriving. And be aware that in countries like the United States, vaping restrictions can vary from state to state.
However there are many countries around the world with similar laws to the UK or where vaping is completely unregulated. So, depending on where you travel you might be able to enjoy your favourite e-liquids exactly as you would at home.
While traveling be aware that vaping is not permitted on most planes and many airports restrict vaping to the same designated areas as smoking.

A Cooler Summer

Try Vaping instead of smoking during summer

The main thing that attracts people to vaping is the fact that vaping can almost double your chances of quitting smoking for good. This is especially true in the summertime when many people struggle most with quitting.
Vaping is not only much healthier than smoking and a great way to help quit for good, it is ideal for summer days when everyone wants to enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air. Quitting smoking leaves many of us with more energy which makes the summertime even more enjoyable.

Great summer-themed juices

Explore the Medusa Juice Vape Store for a great selection of e-liquids, including fun, summer juices that are perfect to enjoy on a bright, sunny day or a cool, refreshing evening. Tropical, exotic taste sensations like mangoes and passionfruit are always popular during summer. There are also a variety of traditional, summertime classics like strawberries and cream, ice lollies and chilled, fruitful drinks.
Vaping is somehow sweeter while enjoying the beautiful weather of summer or while traveling the world. The already pleasurable experience lends itself to lazy summer days and relaxation. Be aware of how high temperatures or sudden dips in the pool can affect your equipment and that vaping laws can vary from country to country. Keep that in mind and you’re sure to have a great summer vaping experience.

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