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Despite the misconceptions and rumours that have surrounded vaping, e-cigarettes have become incredibly popular around the world. In the short time since they were introduced, vaping products have grown from a new and unknown idea that many people were skeptical about to a billion pound industry.
Why has vaping become such a rapid success and what do the statistics tell us about the people who vape and what drew them to vaping in the first place?
While the main reason why people turn to vaping is as a way to help quit smoking, there are a lot of other factors. And the popularity of vaping and how it appeals to people is always changing thanks to the development of new vaping products and the increasing acceptance of vaping in society.

The popularity of Smoking

Since the turn of the millennium there has been a steady decrease in the popularity of smoking around the world. According to World Health Organisation statistics the number of smokers has decreased from 1.14 billion to around 1.1 billion. That might not seem like a huge difference in the percentage of smokers, but it shows that there are about 40 million fewer smokers that there were two decades ago.
Since 2012 the number of smokers has started to decline even faster and hopefully this trend will continue as more people successfully quit smoking for good. Acceptance of smoking’s health risks as well as the rise of stop smoking products like nicotine patches, gum and vaping have all helped people turn away from smoking.

The Popularity of Vaping

In the years that smoking has been on the decline, vaping has been growing in popularity. Since 2011 the number of vapers has grown from seven million to more than forty-million and the number of vapers has been growing more rapidly as time goes by.
Vaping has been proven to almost double the chances of smokers quitting for good while being significantly safer than cigarettes. Millions of smokers are looking for ways to help them give up tobacco and vaping is an effective way of satisfying nicotine cravings while recreating the familiar feel of cigarettes.


Global vaping products are estimated to be worth around seventeen billion pounds which is an increase of around twenty-five percent from five years ago. As vaping becomes more popular, the market expands, as does the variety and options available to vapers.
The three largest markets for vaping are the United States, Japan and the UK. These three countries make up around 12 billion pounds of the global value of vaping products. It should be no surprise that the United Kingdom is one of the biggest markets as the approach to vaping in this country is widely considered progressive and in line with the current evidence about the safety of vaping and its usefulness as an aid to help people quit smoking.

In store versus online sales

There are thousands of vaping stores in the United Kingdom and surveys show that most vapers by their devices from a specialist shop. The second most popular way of buying vaping products was online. Other options like supermarkets, tobacconists and newsagents were much less popular than specialist stores or online.

Its believed that the majority of vapers purchase their first e-cigarette in person from a specialist to get a better feel for what is available.

A survey of three thousand vapers, carried out across multiple countries found that the main reason given for using e-cigarettes is that they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Trying to cut down or quit tobacco was the second highest answer and the third was that vaping doesn’t bother other people.
Health concerns, quitting smoking and being considerate of others are the biggest reasons why people turn to vaping.

An Alternative

The fact that vaping is less harmful than smoking was the most common reason given by people surveyed. The health risks of smoking are serious, with around one hundred thousand people dying of smoking related illness in the United Kingdom alone each year and approximately half of all smokers dying as a result of smoking.
Research has shown that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and medical organisations like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have supported these findings.

Helping People Quit Smoking

Using vaping to help quit smoking was the second most common reason why the people surveyed took up vaping. Smokers die on average ten years sooner than non-smokers and around ten percent of people who die as a result of smoking related illness are victims of second-hand smoke. Quitting smoking not only improves the health and life expectancy of the person giving up smoking, it also improves the health of those around them.
Vaping has been shown to almost double the chances of quitting smoking for good and organisations like Public Health England and the NHS support the use of vaping as a way to help smokers quit.

Rise Up!

Vaping has been steadily growing in popularity for around a decade, transforming from a new idea that many people were skeptical about to a billion pound, worldwide phenomenon.
Not every country has been quick to accept the value of e-cigarettes as a way to help smokers quit tobacco products. But the United Kingdom has become one of the biggest vaping markets in the world and is embracing the benefits of vaping.
Most vapers buy vaping products at a specialist vape store. The growing number of specialist stores in the United Kingdom have done a lot to earn the trust of their customers and the vaping industry continues to grow.
Research has shown that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and that using e-cigarettes can almost double the chances of a smoker quitting for good. This is great news as the majority of vapers turned to vaping in the first place to help them quit smoking and because it is healthier than cigarettes.
These statistics also suggest that vaping will continue to grow in popularity as more smokers turn away from cigarettes and vaping becomes more accepted and understood.

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