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There’s one area of the vaping industry that we don’t touch on very often and even when we do, we don’t delve deeply. That is the area of demographics. While it may not be at the forefront of our mind, it is important to be aware of, at least I think it is. Many older smokers have entered into the vaping scene for personal and health reasons. These people may not have the same goals of younger vapers, which is to fully integrate themselves into the “next-gen vaping culture.” Nevertheless, the more experienced smokers want an avenue which is natural, intuitive, and easy to pick up and go. Therefore, simple, no-frills packages are ideal for this group.

Vaping economics is directly related to demographics. In other industries, you will most often find that the common dynamic is that the younger demographic caters towards less-expensive products due to financial constraints. Where older participants have longer working experience, and can therefore plop down more money for their craft. For example, let’s look at a sports car club. While they may share the same interests, you’re just not going to see too many Twenty somethings cruising around in Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Whatever your interest or financial means, Medusa Juice has kits to suit your lifestyle.

Whereas in vaping, this dynamic can sometimes be the opposite of our normal expectations. Quite often, we see the younger crowd buying up the latest and greatest in APVs and MODs, while some segments of the older demographic, usually long-time smokers tend to stay with simpler kits and packages. It makes sense if you think about it. For us older folks, there is inherent doubt and a lot of us are still trying to catch up with the notion of color tv! Nah, it’s not that bad, but you get my point.

It’s easy to reason out that for personal vaporizers, you can have a stellar premium kit for a few hundred pounds or less. So, even people on the lower end of the income spectrum, it’s fairly easy to save up that amount. I mean, think about it, just delaying gratification on other purchases or a series of smaller sacrifices can help result in a brand new vaporizer much faster than the initial anticipated time frame. And now, some quit smoking programs are offering assistance with kits for users. So, be sure to look into that.

If we combine this with the vigor of youth, add in a few impulsive decisions, then the younger demographic taps right into the vaping undercurrent. This group is eager to learn more about the art and the mechanics of vaping, and the technology that’s used in today’s premium APVs are organically aligned with the modern digital lifestyle. Which has a very strong appeal for young people. Many personal vaporizers are charged using a micro-USB connection, a portal that is increasing common as physical devices leave an ever smaller footprint. So, this too appeals to those of us who are concerned with the health of the planet and what we’re going to leave behind for those who come after us.

Generally speaking, people from the more experienced demographic have seen it all already. Often, they may not have the time or even the interest to integrate themselves into the vaping culture. They just want something that does what it claims without fuss. Young people are almost always impressed with correlated events such as cloud chasing competitions or vaping conventions, whereas the older demographic may have other time commitments that prevent them from accessing such channels, if they’re interested at all.

Something to think about as well is that too much involvement in extracurricular activities can negatively impact the cost-effectiveness of the vaping platform when compared to regular cigarettes. What it boils down to is that a large segment of smokers are looking for a cleaner, healthier, and cheaper way of enjoying nicotine and throat hits. In other words, they want to b able to still experience what they enjoyed about or were used to when they smoked. They realize that getting caught up into the vaping culture can lead one into a dedicated pursuit of cloud chasing. Which is fine, if you have the time and inclination, however, it may not be everyone’s idea of worthy use of time and resources.

Science and Art

A great deal of people who have joined the vaping community discovered fairly quickly that vaporizers are a blend of both art and science. This makes them unique and interesting and in order to enjoy the best vaping experience, a vaper has to consider a several factors. Things like coil temperature, wattage, and coil resistance are critical elements that can dramatically alter your end result.

In the competitions, there must be no detail overlooked. Vaping is even more challenging, and there’s no standardization in the environment. Everything is trial and error, which further necessitates modularity.

With those who we’ll call ‘elite’ vapers, it’s not just the options that they’re concerned with. Because having all the functionality in the world won’t mean much if you can’t tell what you are doing. Therefore, advances in user display interfaces, higher performing chips and circuitry, and precision temperature control systems must provide there two benefits, the primary or advertised benefit, and a way with which to communicate that benefit. Remember though, that whatever you plan to do with your vaping gear, Medusa Juice can make it better.

Let’s consider some of the vaping devices of old, and even some of the e-cigarettes sold today. The user interface in prior generations often just consisted of a simple light that “flickered” its message to the vaper. That may have sufficed during the vape infancy and growing years. Although technically advanced vapers require much more communication and equipment feedback. The kits have become more and more intuitive and informative day after day.

For example, a few years ago, liquid crystal display (LCD) interfaces hit the marketplace. While this was a tremendous leap in the personal vaporizer segment because the e-device could provide real-time feedback to the end-user, it meant a shift from one form of e-cig in what seemed like minutes. LED technology provided the biggest change to specific functions such as precision wattage control. This meant that without having to engage in guesswork, vapers could now dial up or down their power settings, and know exactly in what range their e-device was operating.

One of the latest technological trends in user interface systems is the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED for short. The biggest advantage of the OLED over the prior-generation LCD technology is that the OLED has no backlight. If you don’t know that a backlight is, it’s a form of illumination that is specific to LCD screens. These do not illuminate on their own. Therefore, a separate illumination device is required, like the backlight. Light shines from the back or to the side of the display panel with this system.

Of course, Liquid crystal display represented a huge step forward in terms of resolution. When compared to the Cathode ray tube (CRT) platforms that were used throughout most of the 20th century, there’s no denying the massive improvement that the LCD offers. This has been an often overlooked but critical asset to the vaper since portable vaporizers have little to no space to spare. Therefore, the resolution has to be clear and have the ability to “project” itself to increase perceived size.

Changing and Evolving

But LCD still has some drawbacks too. In applications such as Television or computer screens, Organic Light Emitting Diode screens for vaporizers. LCDs can lead to eye fatigue. While the resolution is a step forward, there’s still an artificial backlight which shines into the user’s eyes. Imagine staring into a lit flashlight all day. Even at a lesser magnitude, this exercise would eventually become draining on your eyes. When we watch TV, this is essentially what happens.

You can say that this may not be the biggest problem for vapers, who probably don’t spend too much time staring at their devices, but another disadvantage of LCDs is that they don’t have the best acuity in sunlight exposure either. This then, could make it difficult for vapers to attain necessary feedback.

This is where OLEDs make a world of difference. Since the OLEDs don’t require any backlight, they essentially emit their own light source. Which in turn means, that OLED interface systems can easily fit into a portable vaporizer platform. Because the OLED is flexible, it doesn’t have the same physical constraints of other electrical components. Which leaves room for other improvements and creativity.

As you would expect, competitive vapers, will really appreciate the rich textures and sharp contrasts of the OLED interface, because is far superior to that of the LCD. When we use OLED, we notice that it has a pronounced “pop” effect over standard displays, almost like 3D. Fortunately, you don’t need special glasses for this. This can be quite handy during the fog of competition, when on the fly, fine tuning or adjustments may need to be made.

Vape technology can be for everyone.
It stands to reason that competitors will, of course, gravitate towards technologically-advanced items. And there isn’t much doubt that many serious hobbyists and non-smokers will follow suit. Just like millions of people will buy expensive trainers, even though they do not have the level skill to justify such specialized gear, so it is with the vaping consumer base. Having the proper equipment allows fans and cloud gazers to make a legitimate attempt at emulating their vaping heroes.

Besides, let’s face it, there’s a huge market for this stuff. Vapers see the latest developments within their industry and community, and wish to experiment with the new available options. There’s nothing wrong with that. Hobbyists from other sectors have the opportunity to witness vaping for the first time, and are hooked by the constantly evolving art form. Which is why it is important to deal with a reputable Vape Shop like Medusa Juice. We can help you find the right equipment for whatever you want to use it for and we do it for less. Everyone likes deals, so come into your nearest Medusa Juice Vape Shop today.


The advances in vaping represent a self-sustaining economy. These pro vapers, or trick artists, etc. are the front face of the movement. They draw the crowds. Then, in turn, the masses buy the devices from which they see the skilled vapers drawing. This brings in more revenue for vaporizer manufacturers, allowing them to invest more in research and development, as well as promoting events and sponsorships. Thus, the cycle repeats itself, with the next batch being bigger and better than before.

That, my friends is what ultimately makes the vaping industry functionally and morally superior to Big Tobacco. Vaping is an industry of velocity, and choice. It’s constantly in motion and striving in its pursuit of perfection. Big Tobacco has never changed. Vaping promotes a vibrant and mutually beneficial ecosystem. Big Tobacco operates under an almost scorched-earth like policy.

One of the most impressive aspects of the vaping industry is its ability to integrate modern consumer technology with the personal vaporizer platform. Many outsiders wouldn’t think of putting OLED interfaces or advanced circuitry in a “smoking device”. Because for so long, and to a great many people, smoking is just smoking. But we know that isn’t quite true.

Thankfully, when it comes to vaporizer engineers and product designers, they are people with far more creativity than the average person. I feel totally comfortable saying that vaping is one of the most creative consumer sectors, if not the most creative. Yep, I said it and I will stand by it!

There is no other branch of technology where one else does not have to marry disparate ideas and components in order to make a cohesive whole. A vaporizer engineer has to be an electrician, a chemist, a physicist, and a mathematician to be able to successfully create a desirable e-device. These masters of many trades excel in ways we might not even ever have envisioned years ago. Unlike large products like automobiles, it’s extremely difficult to segment vaporizer manufacturing component by component. Each piece of a vaporizer is intricately linked with each other, and impacts the overall functionality and safety of the whole system. I always think it might be the closest thing to a space shuttle, or the space industry, at the very least. But that is, as I said, my personal opinion.

Vapers themselves have to exercise considerable intellectual investments towards their art of choice. It’s not just a matter of buying a device and drawing from it. To get the most out of the experience requires modulations and downright tinkering with multiple components and accessories. So, as a consumer, you’re much more involved than you might be in regards to other industries.

One of the driving forces of the vaping industry and subculture is the possibility for the next brilliant modification or discovery. Rather than viewing it as a chore, hobbyist vapers are thrilled by the opportunity to dive further into their passion. This is where all the boring science and math classes that most of us dreaded back in our past. Suddenly, we find it vastly interesting and challenging.

When I was in school, yes, they had schools way back then, we were taught to memorize. Most subjects were taught in this method. This also applies to the newer generations like Gen x and Millennials back in the day. They forced us to learn for the sake of getting good grades so that you can go to a “good university” and get a “good job.” The emphasis was based on the fear of getting left behind; that is, if you didn’t perform well now, you would suffer long-term consequences later.

Thanks to the successes of those rebel companies like Apple and Facebook, we learned that the correlation between standardized education and success in the real world is not quite so perfectly aligned.The vaping industry highlights this misconception quite clearly.

Therefore, the education system fears vaping because they erroneously view it as a “gateway” to illegal or immoral practices. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of vapers, and this is especially so for hobbyist vapers have augmented their interest in the physical sciences thanks to their vaping consumption. So, teachers everywhere, embrace this industry! It is freeing people who were enslaved to Big Tobacco and that alone should have you dancing in the streets!

The elements which make up a vaporizer tick such as electrical currents, energy transfers, thermodynamics, and many more are rooted in physics, and the principles discovered by Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday. Under general circumstances, talking about Newton or Faraday will put people to sleep, but incorporating their groundbreaking ideas into chasing vape? That’s a lesson many people will pay to learn!

So, remember this if nothing else, vaping and all of its granular components can be modified to complement any passion, pursuit, or lifestyle. If you simply want a no-fuss, no-frills platform to enjoy, fair enough. Others that want to take their art to the next level have an abundance of options are covered too. Whatever you need or want to try, Medusa juice is here to make it happen.

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