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Hobbyist Vapers

When we talk about hobbyists, generally we mean people who don’t vape because they’re trying to quit smoking. Due to this, most often we find that hobbyists and non-smokers seek an avenue designed for direct-to-lung vaping. Because they are looking for an experience which includes vapor production, the sentiment is opposite of mouth-to-lung vaping. This, then, means less-pronounced wattage for better throat hits. While for hobbyist vapers, in contrast, it’s all about the power!

As we’ve spoken of before, there is a very scientifically undeniable reason for this. Vaporizers operate under the principle of “heat of vaporization,” which is the energy needed for one gram of a liquid to vaporize without a change in pressure. For a vaper, more e-liquid means bigger, more intense full-bodied flavors. This in turn will require an increase in energy to compensate. This means that from a hobbyist’s point of view, a vaporizer must not fail in the output department.

I’ve said this before, but we are talking about a platform that is the opposite of what a mouth-to-lunger would draw from. So, instead of the usual high resistance, low wattage configuration, direct-lungers require a low resistance, high wattage combo. Stay with me now. This creates a steady stream of electrical current from the battery to the sub-ohm atomizer, which results in substantial heat energy as compared to those high resistance atomizers.

Direct To Lung

For those vapers who enjoy the direct-to-lung methodology, there is also a significant industry-based advantage. This isn’t to suggest that mouth-to-lung specialty vaporizers are going to become obsolete. We have seen in past years, how it was not at all uncommon for cars to be equipped with manual transmissions as standard equipment. Now, not only is the automatic transmission standard, but advanced ATs such as seven or eight speed sequential gearboxes are the norm for high-end luxury vehicles. You wouldn’t go to a convenience store for a new car, so don’t settle for less than a reliable vape dealer such as Medusa Juice for all of your vaping needs.

You will find that very few auto makers are incorporating technologies to forward the progress of the manual stick shift. Only two companies come to mind. The first is BMW, for its “brake-hold” feature when a car is on an incline, and second is Nissan, for its automated “rev-matching” function. Other than those two rather obscure examples, most companies are focused on making the AT system quicker and more efficient.

We can say the same thing about vaporizers. As mentioned before, one of the key advantages of the mouth-to-lung methodology is that it is more efficient and less destructive on the battery. Just like how a manual transmission-equipped car is typically more fuel-efficient and puts less stress on important components of the car such as brake pads and rotors.

Keep in mind though, most of the demand is generated by e-devices that make the most of the straight-to-lung process. This really shouldn’t be surprising considering that another advantage enjoyed by the hobbyist and non-smoker crowd. Which is the cultural edge.

Watch any vaping demonstration video and it will likely zoom in on one key factor, the vapor production. Because both cloud chasers and cloud gazers, nothing else competes with the thrill of a mortal being able emit a plume that is the length of the vaper doing the emissions. Although I might be a bit biased in this area. Still, I would bet that many hobbyists got turned onto vaping after watching a cloud demo.

Other than this, there are also unique, mind-dazzling tricks which can only be accomplished through the direct-lunging process. These vaping tricks go well beyond the ability of a cigar smoker puffing out some rudimentary O-rings. Seriously, these are amazing feats and you can see them on multiple social media networks. If it seems that we are inundated with footage of vape clouds that seemingly have an intelligence of their own right now, it is not without reason. Just the “cool factor” of vaping tricks would probably seal the deal for any passersby.

Culture Shock

For me, one of the most interesting aspects in the vaping community is the diversity. This isn’t a the usual male oriented pursuit that so many hobbies tend to be. In fact, there’s an incredible amount of female participation, probably more than I have seen before and they’re not just making up the ranks.These involved women of vaping are kicking butt and taking names. Many of their tricks and performances easily rival that of their male counterparts. So, I’m fully expecting to see these competitions grow and develop into a huge sport which will be shown around the world.

While it’s not ‘politically correct’, it’s true that women vapers are much more marketable than male vapers. Watching a guy vape is commonplace. Whereas seeing a woman vape and vape well, is a whole new ballgame. This too attracts outsiders to the industry, and guess what? These new “recruits” aren’t likely to ask for high-resistance atomizers! By that I mean, they’re gonna want to do the same tricks that they’ve seen.

We’ve spoken to countless vaporizers that specialize in the straight-to-lung methodology, and we agree that they do have a very obvious drawback. The need for increased heat energy to produce superior flavor and vapor production means that direct-lungers can expect a significantly shorter session life on one battery. At this juncture, there’s only one option to get around this problem. Hopefully, one day there’s be another way, but for now, hobbyists and non-smokers will need to adequate batteries, and a lot of them.

It’s not just about the batteries. Because vaporizer components don’t operate in a vacuum, the functionality and dependability of one component can have a serious impact on the other systems.

There are some things that it’s important to keep in mind. Such as the fact that excessive modding of a vaporizer platform is similar to steroid usage. For instance, under controlled dosages, anabolic steroids can accelerate a weightlifter’s inherent potential. But this, of course, is a very delicate and risky dynamic. If you push slightly too far one way, the user can experience addiction symptoms. Also, there is the larger danger of the organ functions, which can become compromised, and lead into other problems.

We’ve found that newcomers to vapers tend to over experiment. This is most likely due to the common misconception that if you have more power, you get more clouds. While that is true up to a certain point, it does not continue indefinitely. Beyond a certain point of critical mass threshold, you can expect there to be risks pertaining to component failure, or worse.

Luckily, catastrophic failures are extremely rare. But remember this, technical failures are very much common, particularly for newbies. Vaping using the direct-to-lung methodology requires power, that’s true, but it really requires “balanced power.” Because going beyond recommended levels, high output can permanently damage one or more components in the vaporizer. This means that if you happen to vape with an internally integrated battery, you are probably going to shell out cash for another e-device.

At the end of the day, as with a great many things, when it comes to hobbyist vaping, the vaper can be his or her own worst enemy. I urge you to remember, that regardless of how great the temptation, please stay within the written guidelines. They are there for a reason! Don’t forget to call, stop in or message Medusa Juice if you have questions or concerns.

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