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On The Rise

Modern vaping was first introduced just over a decade ago and since then it’s been growing in popularity. During the last year or two vaping has become more accepted and the number of people enjoying vaping has increased dramatically.
Why has vaping become so popular despite the negative rumours that have followed it since the beginning? Why has there been a sudden popularity boom in the last couple of years? And what does this mean for the future of vaping?
The main reason people first turned to vaping was to help quit smoking and this remains true today. But there are other reasons why vaping has become more popular recently; public awareness has increased along with the support of celebrities and medical organisations. And improvements in technology and the increasing variety of juice flavours are also a factor.

Pros And Cons

The Global E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Market Analysis & Trends report predicts that the increased popularity of vaping will continue to get stronger over the next decade.
The report was based on analysis of the vaping market, technological innovations and future strategies. They found considerable improvement in the manufacturing and development of vaping technology in recent years, concluding that modern vaping devices were smaller, sleeker and more user friendly.
These trends are likely to continue as the vaping industry produces better technology to meet the needs of vapers. The report also predicts that the vaping market will continue to grow and will exceed sixty-billion dollars by 2025.
Vaping has been shown to almost double the chances of smokers quitting and the majority of people who take up vaping today are still smokers looking to give up. The growing evidence of vaping as an aid to quitting cigarettes is a big part of why vaping is becoming so popular.
It’s easy to understand why so many people want to quit smoking as half of smokers will die as a result of smoking related illnesses. Research has shown that vaping is around ninety-five percent safer than smoking and that vaping almost doubles the chances of smokers successfully quitting for good.
The addictive nature of nicotine makes quitting smoking difficult as the cravings from nicotine withdrawal can be too much to cope with. Vaping helps people quit smoking by satisfying these nicotine cravings. This effect is similar to other nicotine replacement therapies like patches, gum or tablets. But unlike other forms of nicotine replacement therapy, vaping has a familiar hand-to-mouth action, producing a similar experience to cigarettes.
Vapers can start with high nicotine e-liquids if that helps with their cravings, or something lower if that suits their needs better. E-liquids come in a range of clearly labelled nicotine levels, making it easier for people to adjust their nicotine intake. Many vapers reduce the amount of nicotine they vape over time or cut nicotine out completely.

Medical Organisations Which Support Vaping

Medical organisations have started to support vaping as an aid to quitting cigarettes. This support comes with the growing amount of evidence showing that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and can almost double the chances of smokers quitting.
While not every country around the world has been quick to respond to the current research into vaping, many British organisations have accepted the findings and some even promote the use of vaping to help combat smoking.
A report from the Royal College of Physicians says there is resounding evidence that vaping is beneficial when quitting smoking and that vaping is much safer than smoking. Other medical organisations like the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Public Health England also agree that vaping helps people quit smoking and lead healthier lives.
The British Medical Association has recently joined the list of organisations supporting vaping. A report from the BMA promotes vaping to help people quit smoking.
The British Medical Association and Public Health England both support the evidence that vaping doesn’t encourage people to take up smoking. These organisations also agree that although more research needs to be done into the long term effects of vaping, it’s likely that the risks are more than ninety-five percent smaller than those associated with smoking.
And while vaping isn’t currently available on prescription in the UK, the NHS does support vaping as a way to help quit smoking. The number of people who’ve successfully given up smoking is significantly higher when using a combination of vaping and the support of the NHS.

And Remember

Vaping has been growing in popularity ever since it was first introduced just over a decade ago. Over the last couple of years this popularity has skyrocketed as vaping becomes more accepted.
There are a lot of reasons why vaping has been so successful and why its popularity has increased so much recently. In the beginning, vaping relied heavily on word of mouth to spread awareness, but now celebrities are talking about how vaping helped them quit smoking and vaping is even appearing in music videos. So, public awareness of vaping is much higher than it used to be.
Vaping technology has also improved over the years. Modern vaping devices come in a variety of sizes and styles that appeal to a wider range of people and the number of e-liquid flavours to enjoy is growing by the day.
Despite the negative rumours that have surrounded vaping, there’s growing evidence suggesting that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and proven to help people quit for good. More research is being done into the effect of vaping today and the evidence behind vaping has convinced many medical organisations to support vaping as a way to help quit smoking.
This evidence and the support of organisations like Public Health England and the NHS helps reassure people looking to use vaping to help give up cigarettes.
With more public awareness and support from celebrities and medical organisations as well as new technology and flavours, it’s no wonder vaping is going from strength to strength!

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