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The Basics

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is one of the main ingredients in many of E-Liquids. It forms the base of the juice to which the flavour and sometimes nicotine are added.

VG is the second most popular ingredient and can be used as an E-liquid base on its own but is often blended with Propylene Glycol (PG) which is the most commonly used base. The ratio of VG and PG effects the vaping experience in five basic ways; flavour intensity, vapour density, throat hit, thickness and cleanliness.

E-liquids with higher levels of VG are known for producing thicker clouds of vapour and are generally sweeter. They are also thicker, more prone to gunking up and have less intense throat ht and flavour compared to PG.

It is a matter of personal preference whether you prefer E-liquids with high or low levels of VG. Your choice of VG/PG may also depending on the flavour of juice as higher levels of VG are often more popular in sweet, sugary vapes.

The best way to discover your own preference when it comes to VG or PG based E-liquids is to experiment and see for yourself. Medusa Juice has a fantastic selection of E-liquids to choose from with a range of different VG/PG ratios. Feel free to explore our convenient online store and see what combination of flavours and VG/PG appeals to you.

In Detail

VG stands for “Vegetable Glycerin” and is used as a food sweetener as well as being one of the two most common bases for E-liquids along with PG, “Propylene Glycol”. These bases are the biggest part of any e-liquid and it can be useful to know the ratio being used as this can affect the vaping experience in a number of ways.

The base of each E-liquid typically makes up around 95% of the juice and is usually made of VG, PG or a combination of both. This base is what produces the clouds of vapour while most of the taste and aroma is blended into this mixture of VG and PG in the form of flavour additives and sometimes nicotine.

While the flavourings and nicotine have the biggest impact on how an E-liquid tastes, the base of VG or PG can make an important difference to how the vaping experience feels. Some of the ways VG affects the experience might be noticeable from the first time you start vaping, while others might not be obvious until you start developing a preference. Either way, it can be useful to know the percentage of VG or PG used in an E-liquid and how this can change the experience.

All the E-liquids available as part of the fantastic range from Medusa Juice contain a base made up of either VG or PG with the majority using a combination of both. The different percentages or ratios affects the vaping experience by changing the feel on the mouth and throat as well as the flavour and vapour produced.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) have their own qualities and it is a matter of personal preference which you prefer and which works best for different flavours. Medusa Juice offers a great choice of VG/PG ratios as well as different flavours and nicotine levels. So you can check out the different combinations and find what works best for you.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is naturally occurring, derived from plants and is usually odourless and colourless while being notable thicker than Propylene Glycol (PG). This higher viscosity makes VG more likely to form build ups of deposits, or gunk, which can affect vaping performance.

The thickness makes VG slower to absorbed compared to PG which means it is slower to start using in a wick based device, polyfill or alternatives. And high VG usually means that the flavour is a little less intense with added undertones of sweetness compared to PG-heavy juices.

More Information

Vapour density and throat feel are other factors to consider when looking at the percentage of VG in the great range of E-liquids from Medusa Juice. Juices with high VG tend to produce more vapour than those with high PG which is a matter of personal preference but worth considering when making your choices from the selection. It’s no surprise that juices with higher levels of VG are more popular with cloud chasers as they produce thicker, lingering clouds.

Throat hit is also more subtle with higher VG which can make the experience smoother and less intense. Some people prefer the less prominent throat hit when compared to PG as it makes VG based e-liquids feel less like traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Combining both PG and VG will often create a happy balance between the advantages of both bases. The different percentages being mixed together will have different effects on the overall flavour, intensity, vapour thickness and throat hit as well as the absorption speed and likelihood of gunk build up.

The slower absorption rate of VG also means the juice is used up less quickly than PG based juices. The high viscosity also makes E-liquids with a high amounts of VG more likely to leave deposits that gunk up the coil and the inside of the tank. But the thicker clouds, softer throat hit and sweeter flavour make VG a popular choice.

It is all a matter of individual taste and the best way to discover whether a high ratio of VG is right for you is to experiment with different combinations. Explore the range from Medusa Juice to discover E-liquids with a pure VG base or a variety of mixtures combining VG and PG at different ratios.

Allergy Information

Unlike Propylene Glycol (PG) which can cause minor allergic reactions in some rare cases, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) has no allergy issues. And if you experience an allergic reaction while using PG it is advised to stop use immediately and switch to VG instead.

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