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What Makes Vaping Popular?

It might be hard to believe that vaping as we know it today has only been around for a few years. In that short time vaping has grown from a new idea that many people were sceptical about to a billion pound industry with millions of vapers around the world.
So, why is vaping so popular?
There are a lot of reasons why vaping has become such a big success. Vaping has been proven to almost double the chances of smokers quitting for good, which is fantastic news for anyone trying to give up tobacco. Vaping is also significantly less harmful than smoking as well as being less expensive and better for the environment.
The wide variety of flavours, customisable experience and pleasant smell have also helped make vaping popular. If you’re looking for a nicotine replacement therapy to help you quit smoking than vaping has been proven to help. And if you want something extra with more fun, variety and a growing community to share your experience with then vaping is great for you too.

Helping People Quit Smoking

Around fifty percent of smokers will die as a result of smoking related diseases and in the United Kingdom alone ten thousand people each year die from secondhand smoke. It’s no wonder millions smokers are looking to quit as its better for their own health and the health of those around them.
Vaping isn’t the only product available to help people quit smoking, but research has proven that vaping almost doubles the chances of quitting tobacco for good. This is a big reason why so many of us turn to vaping in the first place and why it’s become so popular.
Not only does vaping help satisfy the nicotine cravings that make giving up smoking so difficult, it also helps recreate the familiar feel of cigarettes. The similar hand-to-mouth action, throat hit and clouds of vapour can make a big difference for many of us when trying to quit.
Thousands of smokers quit each year with the help of vaping and this number will continue to rise as vaping becomes more popular.

Less Harmful than Smoking

People were worried about the health effects of vaping when it first started to become popular. But since then a lot of research has been done that shows vaping is significantly safer than smoking. Public Health England released a report saying that vaping is around 95% safer than smoking and the manufacture and sale of vaping products in the United Kingdom is regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.
Smoking produces thousands of harmful chemicals which can cause cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Vaping on the other hand doesn’t produce the same level of chemicals and is much safer overall.
Healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom, like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians agree that vaping is significantly healthier than smoking. With increasing support behind vaping and the benefits to helping smokers quit for good, vaping is likely to become even more popular in the future.


A more pleasant environment

Creating a more pleasant environment has helped set vaping apart from smoking and make it more popular, especially among non-vapers.
As well as being terrible for our health, cigarettes are bad for the environment. Growing tobacco using chemical fertilisers and pesticides is causing a lot of damage and cigarette butts themselves are one of the most common forms of litter. We’ve all seen piles of cigarette butts in the street and tons of this non-biodegradable waste is dropped each year.
Vaping on the other hand is much kinder to the environment as juice bottles, vaping equipment and batteries are widely recyclable. Vaping doesn’t produce much in the way of litter, especially not when compared to all the cigarette waste.
Air quality and smell are also much better with vaping. Around ten thousand people in the United Kingdom die each year as a result of second-hand smoke and its estimated that smokers produce thousands of tons of harmful, airborne chemicals each year.
As well as being significantly less harmful, the clouds of vapour produced when vaping don’t linger for as long as cigarette smoke and smell much more pleasant. Vapers and non-vapers alike find vaping more appealing than smoking.

Community and fun

Not all vapers are interested in being part of a community or using vaping for more than giving up smoking, but there are many who enjoy this aspect of vaping. Ever since vaping first started to become popular there has been a growing sense of community and identity among vapers.
This feeling of community can be as simple as vapers getting together to discus favourite e-liquids or preferred vaping techniques. It can also be more elaborate like following cloud chasing competitions or keeping up with the latest trends in customising vaping equipment.
The vaping community can also be a great source of support and advice when trying to quit smoking. It’s easy to see why so many smokers looking to give up cigarettes are drawn to the friendly atmosphere, support and fun of the vaping community.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of reasons why vaping has become so popular and why the number of vapers continues to rise. Some of these reasons are more obvious than others, but they all make a difference.
One of the biggest reasons is that vaping has been proven to help people quit smoking while being significantly safer than cigarettes. Millions of smokers are looking for ways to help them give up tobacco and vaping is an effective way of satisfying nicotine cravings while recreating the familiar feel of cigarettes.
As well as having a variety of flavours, personalisation options and a growing community, vaping is also better for the environment with less litter and air quality concerns compared to smoking.
Millions of people are turning to vaping as it helps them quit smoking, is healthier, better for the environment and can be great fun too.

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