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Vaping Around The World

The weather is becoming warm again and that means some of you may be planning a holiday away. So, If you’re thinking about taking some time off to jet away on holiday in the foreseeable future, please try to remember that vaping laws vary from country to country, some quite drastically. From the United Arab Emirates to the United States of America, vaping times , they-are-a-changin’. Let’s take a look at some of the latest e-cig news from around the world.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you need to be aware that there is a variety of global legislation regarding vaping, and those laws are also prone to change. You will find that whether it be a decision based on the realisation that vaping provides a viable way to become smoke-free or, concerns about the ability to regulate an ever-growing industry in a responsible way, vaping around the world can be confusing if you don’t keep up. To be honest, I think it may be confusing even if you do keep up! But Medusa Juice will help you get it sorted and you can always talk to them about any concerns or questions you may have.

Public Health England supports the independent evidence that states that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco products here in the United Kingdom. However, this isn’t necessarily true elsewhere in the world. Many countries may not necessarily take the same approach.

San Francisco

While the United States still looks to crack down on what some report as an epidemic of underage vaping, San Francisco has proposed legislation that would see the sale and manufacture of e-cigs banned on city property. Which is a huge step at any time, but especially when we have to many studies out there proving the safety of vaping over smoking.

The first of such legislation to be proposed in the United States. It appears that it officials are looking for clarity from the American government with regard to the health effects of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. America’s national regulator, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only recently proposed guidelines that will give e-cigarette companies up until 2021 to submit their products for evaluation.

There are those who are critical of this proposed legislation, they cite the impact such a ban will have on those that have used vaping as a way to quit tobacco cigarettes and become smoke-free. Which if one were given to conspiracy theories, might be indicative of Big Tobacco interference.

It is highly unlikely that such legislation as this will take place overnight, so if you’re a vaper and you’ve already booked your dream holiday to see the sights of San-Fran then don’t worry, but do watch this space for updates from Medusa Juice.

Hong Kong

There was a recent move by the Hong Kong Government to ban e-cigarettes and vaping, and it seems like it will even step up a gear, as new legislation intends to impose hefty punishments for those caught vaping, selling or promoting e-cigarettes. They aren’t messing around when it comes to bans, folks. So be especially vigilant.

Some of the punishments that were suggested included imprisonment for up to six months, as well as harsh fines for offenders. After the ban comes into effect, vapers will be still be allowed to consume their e liquid at home, but, once the supply runs dry and they attempt to buy more, they will be penalised. So, whatever you do, if you’re going to be in Hong Kong, don’t vape or don’t get caught!

United Arab Emirates

There is one ray of sunshine and welcome news for those of you who visit the United Arab Emirates. The UAE have just begun to allow the sale of e-cigarettes with devices made available to the public as of April this year.

The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) published a set of standards and regulations for manufacturers and distributors, regarding things like technical specifications of devices and ingredients used in e-liquids. As with anything in this world, these must be stringently adhered to, without fail. If you need help with regard to products and equipment allowed, please contact one of the Medusa Juice staff, they can sort you out in no time.

The best way avoid getting caught in a bad situation with your e-cig this summer, is to be aware and continue to check out the rules and regulations of your intended destination. Honestly, things can change so quickly, that you will not want to slack in this regard.

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