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Custard E liquid: Sugar, spice and all things nice

Encapsulating a classic UK flavour, these custard e liquids are some of the smoothest, creamiest juices on the market. Capitalising on vapers’ love of that traditional milky, sweet taste, Medusa Juice has produced a stunning range of custard-based e liquid flavours for you to savour.

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Creamy, comforting custard creations

Here at Medusa Juice we’ve worked our aprons off to offer you some of the best custard e liquid the UK can produce, and we’re proud to say we’ve succeeded. This delightful range gives you just the right amount of sugar and cream and, what’s more, we’ve combined our fantastic custards with delicious fruits to recreate iconic British dishes for everyone to enjoy.

For those feeling tropical, our Eos Banana Custard is the best e liquid to sample, bringing back memories of homemade trifles and special treats. If you’re a true Brit, you’ll love our Horae Rhubarb and Custard, reminiscent of Sunday afternoons and cold autumn nights. And for those seeking a touch of elegance, our Pomona Pear evokes all the aromas of soothing comfort food with a sassy twist.

When it comes to custard e liquid, UK vapers are a discerning crowd, and it tends to be the more experienced smokers who fall in love with this dreamy dessert. But even if you’re new to the scene, these luscious liquids are definitely worth a try. Perfect for e-smokers with a sweet tooth, you can get your sugar and nicotine hits in one smooth go, and for those trying to quit or cut down, we offer all our juices at a range of strength levels, including nicotine-free.

These sumptuous creations really are the crème de la crème of vaping, with every bottle promising hours of e-cigarette enjoyment. Try our exquisite custard e liquid today and enter a whole new world of vaping heaven!

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