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Quench your vaping thirst with a stunning drink

Bring a whole new meaning to e juice with our delectable drink e liquid. UK vapers everywhere are raving about these fizzy fluid flavours, combining some of your favourite drinks and brands for an unforgettable vape.

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Keep your spirits up with our dazzling drink e liquid

Pouring out a selection of our best drink e liquids, from iconic Dandelion & Burdock to exotic alcoholic aromas, Medusa is the place to go for all your vaping requirements. Tantalising tipples and sensational sodas sit side by side in harmony, all waiting to offer you the most mouth-watering vape experience of your life.

For the ultimate liquescent boost, try our Poseidon Raspberry Twist; or for those with a more bohemian tendency, our Dionysus Blue Slush is sure to be a winner. Helios Gorilla Shake brings back fond memories of childhood and provides the perfect vaping juice for the young at heart.

Great for those seeking new ways to enhance their e-cigarette usage, yet equally suited to newcomers hoping to discover something unexpected and wonderful in the world of vapour, our drink assortments are some of the best in the UK and are proving highly popular. Available with a variety of nicotine levels, you can adapt your intake to suit your individual needs as well as choosing your favourite flavour.

From sugary pops to powerful liqueurs, no matter what your taste buds crave, Medusa Juice UK has got your drink e liquid salvation. Savour each drip, each puff, each gentle cloud of vapour, and let the vaping begin in earnest with these beguiling beverage-themed bottles.

Dark Berry Ice + 11 Items
Bought by a Customer from Nottingham
about 6 hours ago
Rebelz - Revolt + 3 Items
Bought by a Customer from Bathgate
about 8 hours ago
Purple Clouds + 14 Items
Bought by a Customer from Billericay
about 9 hours ago
Straight & Narrow + 9 Items
Bought by a Customer from kingslynn
about 9 hours ago
Mixed Berry + 5 Items
Bought by a Customer from Leamington Spa
about 22 hours ago