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Buying an E-cig in Kings Lynn

Welcome to Medusa Juice, if you are looking to buy e-liquid or an e-cig, Kings Lynn is a really good place to start looking. We have a retail store in the town centre of Kings Lynn and an online vape shop that delivers to the whole of the UK.

E-cig shop in Kings Lynn

You may have walked down Norfolk Street in Kings Lynn and noticed that there are a few vaping shops already in the town and be wondering to yourself why we have opened one. The answer to that is very simple. Here at Medusa Juice we make some of the finest e-liquids, not only in Norfolk but in the entire country and we will not be beaten in quality. We have taken the stand from day one that we will only sell authentic, genuine products to our customers and give you the best value for money. For anyone outside of the town, we deliver to the whole of the United Kingdom and worldwide. We stock all of the major brands as well as our very own premium e-liquid range. All of our e-liquids are made in laboratories in the UK and are thoroughly tested before being made available to the public. If you are looking for e-cig starter kits in Kings Lynn, we have a wide range of products to suit everyone and our friendly staff are always on hand to help you if you. Before coming to see us, you can always give us a call or drop us an email to make sure we have what you are looking for. If you are after something that you do not see on our website, you can always get in touch and we can find out from our suppliers if we can get hold of it for you.

Medusa Juice Ltd

e-cig shop in Kings Lynn

E-cig Wholesale in Kings Lynn

We also offer a wholesale service to Kings Lynn, Norfolk and the whole of the UK. This is not just available to other vape shops, almost every type of retail outlet can benefit from stocking our products. The industry is growing every day and it is predicted that by 2030, electronic cigarette sales will overtake the sales of cigarettes. We offer really fast delivery and massive discounts on all our products. We stock a wide range of items, from high end mods to starter kits and a lot of the top brand clearomizers, atomizers and replacement coils. The wizard working at Medusa Juice will make sure you get the best quality items at the best possible prices. Remember, if you are after anything for your e-cig, kings Lynn is the place to go!

For more information about our wholesale program please contact us.

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