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A Fantastic Franchise Opportunity in the E Cigarette Sector

Join our expanding team with your very own e cigarette franchise! As one of the leading companies in the e-cig industry we have everything you need to get you started.

Why own a vape shop franchise

The electronic cigarette industry is growing every day, it is predicted that by the end of 2015 e-cig sales will reach around £2 billion and could be as much as £10 billion by the end of 2017. To put this in perspective, within the next decade, sales should exceed that of regular cigarettes!
With this in mind, now is a really good time to get your foot in the door and setup your own business in the e-cig market. Starting up your own business from scratch can take a lot of time and money and creating a brand and advertising that brand can cost even more money. Here at Medusa Juice we have already done the hard work and created a strong reputable company along with solid branding that most of our competitors are envious of!

What is included in our franchise package?

• We will help you kit out your shop, supply your staff with uniforms and get you your products at a low-cost discounted rate.
• You will be able to operate under the Medusa Juice name. From this, you will benefit from the advertising and reputation that we have built up.
• All our packaging and products are compliant with all UK and EU law.
• Our franchise customers get 24 hour support, so any time, day or night we will be here if you need our help.
• All our e juice is manufactured here in the United Kingdom and is thoroughly tested.
• Because we control the production of our line, we can offer you a low overhead model for your business which means more profits for you!

e cig franchise

What if a franchise is not for me?

For some people a franchise just is not for them and if you are an entrepreneur who wants to go at it alone, we can help you too. For people that just want to be resellers or you are a trade distributor and want buy our products in bulk then we offer an e liquid wholesale package for e cig businesses, e juice manufacturers and importers that is very competitively priced. If you are interested in opening a vape store and are interested in a e cigarette franchise with Medusa Juice, give us a call or drop us an email today and see what we can do for you!

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