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The Electronic Cigarette

Many traditional smokers are abandoning their tobacco in favour of an electronic cigarette, the smoke-free, vaporised version that’s growing steadily in popularity. Suitable for use indoors and with a wide variety of flavours on offer, it’s no wonder that standard cigs are being snuffed out in favour of this ingenious new way to light up.

Also known as personal vaporisers (PVs) or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), these incredible inventions are a fantastic tactic for reducing your tobacco and nicotine intake, as well as allowing you to enjoy a cigarette in public areas like restaurants and shops. What’s more, thanks to Medusa Juice, you can now enjoy a huge selection of mouth-watering e liquid flavours to complement your vaping at any time of day.
How do e-cigarettes work?

Designed to look and work like real cigarettes, the electronic version uses e liquid instead of tobacco. The e liquid is atomised by the e-cig itself, creating a vapour that can then be inhaled by the user. Various aromas can be added to the e liquid to create an astonishing range of tastes and smells, allowing individuals to customise their vaping experience. E liquids, or e juices, are also available with variable levels of nicotine to help you moderate your daily intake.

There are various types of electronic cigarette, depending on how they are assembled. Standard models include an atomiser coil, which uses a wick to draw up liquid from a cartridge and, using heat, vaporise it, ready to be inhaled. Cartomizers or ‘cartos’ have a foam substance soaked in e liquid which is wrapped around the atomiser, thereby negating the need for a separate cartridge. Clearomizers (clearos) use an atomiser inserted into a clear tank, and rebuildable dripping atomisers (RDAs) allow vapers to build their own atomiser coil and wick without the need to buy pre-assembled off-the-shelf products. For more information about the specifics of e-cigarette production, use and benefits, check out Wikipedia’s article.

What’s so great about electronic cigarettes?

E -cigs have many features going for them, including the fact that they contain significantly fewer chemicals than a standard cigarette. Electronic models require some chemicals in the make-up of their e liquid component, but the number doesn’t even come close to matching the average of 4,000 chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Of course, every e-cigarette does contain nicotine, as they are designed to provide smokers with enough nicotine to satisfy their craving without passing along the medical risks associated with smoking tobacco (lung cancer, strokes and heart disease, to name but a few). However, with variable amounts of nicotine available in every flavour, you can choose how much of it you consume, and even gradually reduce your dosage to help you quit altogether.

The electronic cigarette is especially useful for smokers who’ve tried other methods to help them stop smoking, such as patches and gum, but have been unsuccessful. An e-cigarette gives you the look and feel of smoking, as well as providing that vital nicotine hit, and so the distinction between real cigarettes and electronic ones is negligible.

Another highly desirable aspect of smoking electronically is that the range of e liquid flavours available is staggering. Forget worrying about bad breath, a smoky aroma and yellow teeth – e liquids give off a pleasant smell, whether that be from fresh mint, fruit or sweeter pudding flavours. Of course, for those who prefer traditional scents, tobacco-flavoured e juices are available. Here at Medusa Juice we stock a full variety, so no matter what your personal taste preference, there’ll always be an e liquid to suit you.

With 2.6 million people nationwide regularly using an electronic cigarette it’s no surprise that their reputation has grown, along with the number of providers selling them. We want to make sure your experience is the best possible, allowing you to enjoy your e-cig at leisure with the flavour you prefer. So why not grab yourself a kit, and take a look at our wide selection of e liquids to match your smoking ethos.

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