• 10ml

    As the name suggests, Custard King is the supreme ruler when it comes to custard. Sweet, creamy vanilla custard has ...

    Custard King

  • 10ml

    As the name suggests, Strawberry Custard is a creamy Vanilla custard with fresh Strawberry flavour folded in for extra goodness. ...

    Strawberry Custard

  • 50ml

    Medusa Juice Banana Custard is part of our premium custard e-liquid line. Each bottle flavoured with the ripe white flesh ...

    Banana Custard

  • 50ml

    Medusa Juice Creme Doughnut is a premium e-liquid in our bakery range. We created this vape to give you a ...

    Crème Doughnut

  • 50ml

    Cherry Custard e-liquid by Medusa Juice is part of our premium Custard range. Each bottle comes flavoured with fresh, ripe ...

    Cherry Custard

  • 50ml

    Each bottle has ripe, bursting-with-flavour-strawberries added to a beautifully subtle, creamy vanilla yoghurt. This e-liquid has become an instant favourite ...

    Velvet Strawberry Yogurt

  • 50ml

    OG Custard is a sweet vanilla custard flavour.

    OG Custard

  • 100ml

    Anarchist Black is a sweet pebbles cereal with a vanilla cupcake.