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Ever wished you were in charge of the amount of nicotine you used in your e-liquid? Well, now you can be with Medusa Juice’s signature line, Shake and Vape. Each product in this line comes in jumbo-sized 100ml bottles and a nicotine shots so that you can control the amount of nicotine you use. This also helps keep the flavour from getting stale if sitting for a long while. With Shake and Vape, you can fill the bottle with your own amount of nicotine from the shots and you can premix it ahead of time, or when you need to fill up.

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Shake and Vape E liquids

Shake and Vape allows you to have more control over your Vape experience and allows you to mix the e-juice precisely to the mixture you prefer. No more of hoping someone else out there got it accidently right. With Shake and Vape, you know it’s right, because you have blended it specifically to your taste. The epitome of bespoke e-liquids.

All of us have our own likes and dislikes and within those, are degrees of preference, with Shake and Vape, you won’t have to settle for someone else’s idea of what something should be, It simply becomes what you want it to be, plain and simple. No matter what your personal preference is for flavour or PG/VG rating, you get to mix it with the nicotine to top it off perfectly.

Try experimenting abit, or use the recommended amount, it’s up to you. You are in total control all of the way, all day long. How many things can we say that about in our daily lives? Not enough, that’s for sure. But we here at Medusa Juice know that when it comes to something as personal as taste, no one can decide what works for you as good as you can.

Sometimes a little is just enough and other times you may want more, why limit yourself to one or the other when you can have it just as you like it at any time and with little effort on your part.

Medusa Juice makes it easy for you to enjoy in these extra large bottles of special recipes. We are also the only place to make them so affordable that you cannot afford not to get your fill. So, what are you waiting for? You have to power, use it and enjoy that control with every hit of your favourite Shake and Vape e-liquid. Each 100ml bottle comes with two 10 ml nicotine shots.

Velvet Strawberry Yogurt + 6 Items
Bought by a Customer from Aylsham
about 1 week ago
strawberry kiwi e liquid
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about 2 weeks ago
ice mint e liquid
Krios Ice Mint + 24 Items
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about 2 weeks ago
raspberry twist e liquid
Poseidon Raspberry Twist + 9 Items
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about 2 weeks ago
lemon e liquid
Attis Lemon Tang + 14 Items
Bought by a Customer from ASCOT
about 2 weeks ago