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100ml Bottle of Aniseed E liquid.
Includes 2 x 10ml Nicotine Shots.
Available in 20 PG / 80 VG.

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A Rich Anise Flavour

The distinctive and unforgettable taste of aniseed is perfectly captured in this rich, flavourful juice. Although aniseed is incredibly popular and widely used in a variety of foods and drinks, this almost unique flavour is difficult to describe and many people have to try it to discover the sensation for themselves.
I’ve always found that the taste of this sweet herb reminds me of humbugs or liquorice as I’ve enjoyed these classic sweet treats for years. Other people will recognise the flavour from black jelly beans or aniseed balls. Aniseed is also used to flavour soft drinks as well as liquors like absinthe. Aniseed, also known as anise, has been used in herbal medicine for centuries to treat a number of ailments.

The bold, aromatic flavour of aniseed makes a fantastic vaping experience if you’re looking for something rich and sweet with earthy undertones. If you’re already familiar with the taste of aniseed then you can probably imagine how refreshing and mouthwatering an aniseed vape would be.
If you’ve never tried one of the many foods and drinks that use this great flavour then this aniseed juice is worth trying out. If you’re interested in new vaping experiences that are smooth, sweet and produce full clouds of rich aroma then give aniseed a spin.

0 bottles of Nic Shot = 80ml of Nicotine Free E-Liquid.
1 x 10ml bottle of 15mg Nic Shot added to 80ml = 90ml of 1.5mg E-Liquid.
2 x 10ml bottles of 15mg Nic Shot added to 80ml = 100ml of 3mg E-Liquid.


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