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Black Jack

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100ml Bottle of Blackjack E liquid.
Includes 2 x 10ml Nicotine Shots.
Available in 20 PG / 80 VG.

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Sweet Liquorice

Black Jack is one of those sweet shops classics that divide a lot of people. Many of us love the bold, distinctive flavour of this sweet, dark chew, while others find the aniseed taste a little too strong or rich for their taste buds.

This e-liquid takes the unique flavour that so many of us remember from our childhoods and captures it as a refreshing vape. There is a delicious, sweetness to Black Jack that not everybody is capable of tasting, so how much you’ll enjoy this juice will depend on how much you enjoy the original chewy treat.

Black Jack have been around for more than a century and millions of people love this rich, flavourful confectionary. The distinctive taste of aniseed is the first thing that hits you while vaping this e-liquid, blended with extra sweetness to create a smooth and relaxing vape that makes a great, sweet treat.

For anyone unfamiliar with Black jack chews, the taste is similar to liquorice but sweeter. The taste of sweet aniseed is also sometimes added to tobacco to create a sweeter experience, so some smokers might already be familiar with the taste.
I’d highly recommend Black Jack e-liquid to anyone looking for the familiar taste of liquorice, or if you’re a fan of bold flavours and aromatic clouds.

0 bottles of Nic Shot = 80ml of Nicotine Free E-Liquid.
1 x 10ml bottle of 15mg Nic Shot added to 80ml = 90ml of 1.5mg E-Liquid.
2 x 10ml bottles of 15mg Nic Shot added to 80ml = 100ml of 3mg E-Liquid.


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