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All Aboard to Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh is another lovely coastal town located on the North Sea coast in Suffolk. Notably an artistic and literary area, with its annual Poetry festival and several food festivals held there throughout the year, it’s mostly a tourist area now due to this and its location being so near to other areas of interest in the East Anglia area. Just eighty-seven miles northeast of London and forty-one miles from Norwich, Aldeburgh is a great starting point to visit it and the newest Medusa Juice Vape shop in Norwich. The entire area is beautiful and provides a great backdrop to your visit into any of the shops to check out the latest sales or pick up your favourite e-juices.
While in Aldeburgh, you can rent a boat or canoe and float down the Alde Estuary or you can trek through such interesting and fun places as Captain’s Wood, the Aldeburgh Beach or play a round of golf at the Aldeburgh Golf Club.

Family Fun

If you’re looking for something to spend a few hours doing indoors, there’s several museums to occupy your time and stimulate your mind, such as The Red House, where English Composer, Benjamin Britten and his Tenor partner, Peter Pears. Or there is the Aldeburgh Museum, which commemorates not only the life of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, but that of the entire area, its culture, history, and people through the ages.
Aldeburgh itself is within the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and has a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and nature reserves in the local area. That alone makes it a worthwhile place to visit, but fortunately, there’s much more there as well.
Snape Maltings and Lawson’s Delicatessen are two specialty shops that you won’t want to miss seeing. Their eclectic selection and local wares are notable and moderately priced.
If you’re looking to keep fit while in town, Mint Fitness Aldeburgh offers you that chance. But you’re sure to get plenty of exercise just walking along the Aldeburgh Beach and looking for shells. Or canoeing offers you another outlet for both exercise and also places to enjoy your favourite Medusa Juice Vapes. Fill your tank up with some Black Tune or Grape and away you go. The clouds trailing in your wake will fill the air with fruit and licorice.
Aldeburgh offers a gaming area in the Aldeburgh Cinema so you can go there and catch the latest films or just try your luck at one of the many games on offer in the lobby. Aldeburgh Cinema has been continuously showing films for almost 100 years, a feat made possible through the ingenuity of local heroes, starting with gentleman’s outfitter, Walter Hill, who originally built the auditorium alongside his shop. The Cinema was rescued from closure in the 1960s by the determination of remarkable individuals, including Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears, who devoted time and money to ensuring the little town of Aldeburgh still has its own cinema to this day.

Don’t miss a thing…

There are plenty of places to enjoy a good meal either before or after attending the cinema, and they range in prices as well as types of cuisine. You can get everything from takeaway to a lovely upscale seafood restaurants. Amongst some of the best we found were The Lighthouse, Regatta Restaurant, Cragg Sisters Tea room and Aldeburgh Market. Be sure to check out one or all of these and if you just want a nice cup of something, try Choppings Hill Cafe. As I mentioned before, there are some pretty fine eating establishments to be found in Aldeburgh and some of them are The Brasserie Blue, Sea Spice, Seafood and Grill Restaurant and the East Coast Cafe. Be sure to check online to reserve a table or phone ahead. You won’t be sorry you took the time.
And if you’re online and looking for good times, be sure to check out the Medusa Juice website. Where you’ll find all of your favourite e-liquids and our new range of clothing as well as equipment and new flavours which are gradually being added in order to give you the best Vape experience possible.

And on that note

Wherever you are in the United Kingdom, Medusa Juice is only ever a few keystrokes away and you can always phone us or contact them on Facebook, but if you’re out and about in Aldeburgh, why not take the short journey over to one of the stores and come see what new things are on offer at one of their Vape shops in Norwich, Peterborough and King’s Lynn.

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