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All About Aylsham

Aylsham is located twelve miles from Norwich and forty-one miles from King’s Lynn, home of Medusa Juice. An easy drive from Aylsham and well worth the time spent to get there, where you can get great deals on the finest e-liquids and Vape gear every day of the week. Situated on the River Bure in Norfolk, Aylsham has been occupied since prehistoric times.
Thought to have been founded since 500 AD by an Anglo Saxon Thegn, this community is a market town as well as a civil parish community. A lovely area to visit, Aylsham has both historical and commercial value and is still a much sought after area in which to raise a family.
You can take Bure Valley Railway for a comprehensive tour of the town and surrounding area. The area has lovely parks and of special note is Redwings Aylsham. You can adopt a horse there, or just enjoy a tour of the grounds and visiting the animals. They are providing a worthwhile service at Redwings and if you can help, please do.

Horses and more

While out and about seeing the different horses, why not take the time to vape your favourite Medusa Juice e-juices and let the cares of your life just float away with the big, fragrant clouds? This place was made to relieve your stress as much as it provides a healthy environment for the animals.
If you take the trip on a boat, you can moor at Stracey Arms Windpump. Not only do they provide mooring services, but they have a small farm for animal lovers to enjoy and a affordable shop as well as small cafe. You won’t go broke here and it’s a good way to see a different vantage of Aylsham.
One of the historical sites you can visit while in Aylsham is the Aylsham Parish Church. It’s a lovely building and grounds, regardless of your religious affiliations or lack thereof.
There is also a informative and interesting visitors centre, The Aylsham Heritage Centre and you can go there while in town to find out just about anything you’re curious about relating to the town itself and surrounding area. A great starting point, you can also finish up your visit there and pick up some postcards.

Set your sights on shopping

While out and about, why not treat yourself to a bit of shopping? Some of the must see places for me were Carousel Chocolates, Bon Bons and Red Lion Antiques. Nothing like old treasures and sweet treats to make your day, especially when you mingle it in with the wonderful Vapes from Medusa Juice. Whether you go to the Norwich store or the Peterborough or King’s Lynn store, you will not find a better deal on e-liquids, equipment and clothing.
Two of my favourite places in Aylsham were the Feathers Public House and The Greens. You can take have a pint pulled for you, or your favourite cocktail mixed and enjoy your e-liquids from Medusa Juice. They nearly had to pull me out of both of these fine establishments.

And for dessert

A few of the places we enjoyed dining at while there were The Black Boys Hotel and Restaurant, The Unicorn, The Walpole Arms, and The New Forge.
Aylsham Lodge is a nice hotel with a fine restaurant and coffee shop as well. So if you want a place where you can get it all, this is a good bet.
Aylsham is a lovely little community and ideally situated for a scenic and fruitful trip to one of the three Medusa Juice Vape Shops. Load up on all of their premium Vapes and be sure to enter the competitions while there because you can win some really wonderful items.

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