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Banham is a village like many others across England. It’s also a civil parish and it’s located in the English county of Norfolk. Banham is not very far from Norwich, so it is a great place to visit while stopping in at the Medusa Juice Vape shop in Norwich. Or take the time to visit one of the the other Medusa Juice Vape Shops located in Peterborough or King’s Lynn, where you have your choice of two. Stock up on all of your favourite e-liquids and feel free to try something new and exciting while you are at it.

Like so many other small villages in the Norfolk area, Banham is mostly agricultural and grew up around a market route for goods over the centuries. To the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been any great archaeological finds in Banham, but that doesn’t mean the area wasn’t important. The Danes, for instance, were all over this general area and most of the outlying towns have a long, bloody history. The Saxons, resented the Dane intrusion and met them many times in several places throughout Norfolk to regain their lands back and try and push the Danes out for good.

Zoo And Schools

Banham is probably best known for the Banham Zoo. This facility is a private collection open to the public for more than forty years is home to over 2000 animals. This is a clean and friendly place where you can enjoy learning and seeing animals only ever seen before on television. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Take your whole family out to the Zoo and don’t forget that while you’re out and about in this area that you can also take advantage of the rural and rustic air of past times by slowing down and enjoying the town without rushing or worrying about what’s for dinner. If nothing else, grab a bite to eat at the Banham Barrel. They have toys there for kids and you don’t have to drive far.

The village is also the birthplace of the schoolteacher, writer, poet and hymn writer Emily Taylor. She was born on the seventeenth of April 1795. I, myself am not familiar with Ms. Taylor, but any woman making history in the 1800s is worthy of note in my opinion.

Banham has not always been a quiet little town where hardly anything happens. In fact, Banham Marshalls College, an independent school in the village, was subject to Norfolk’s largest ever child-cruelty investigation. The Old Rectory School in Banham was named in this investigation as well. As a direct result of the investigation into the schools, which were for children with special needs and ostensibly specialised in Emotional and Behavioural Disorders, the proprietor of each and former head teacher, George Robson, received a two-year suspended prison sentence. Robson’s brother, Anthony, was also sentenced for crimes committed at The Old Rectory School.

Some of these charges were brought forward by ex-pupils of the school dating as far back as 1976. Although most of the charges related to The Old Rectory School, some of the children from Banham Marshalls College also made complaints. Some of these charges resulted in the conviction of David Clarke.

There was also Robert Wilson, a teacher and later principal, who was also convicted of acts of cruelty involving vulnerable children but was cleared of these charges later on appeal. The appeal alleged that that the judge had made an error in his summations. Since the evidence was not consistent and the judge had misled the jury, the conviction was deemed to be unsafe.

Go, Go, Go

Acorn Park School is a registered children’s home and school for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders and is part of the Acorn Care and Education Group.

Banham Marshalls College was closed down in 2003. The site is now occupied by Acorn Park School, which has no connection with the former Banham Marshalls College. And though there was a great deal of damage done by the accusations and trials, the entire area is conscientious of their duty of care and strive harder to provide a safe and friendly harbour for these children.

On a much more pleasant note, the countryside in this area is lovely and it is a quaint place to enjoy a great time vaping your incredible Medusa Juice e-liquids. Another nice little pub to enjoy is the Garden house. Their menu is diverse and can satisfy any craving.

Fortunately, Banham is close enough to Norwich and other larger cities that you won’t have to drive far to enjoy a day out shopping or sightseeing. You can find tours on land, air and water with ease and really your only limitations are those you impose on yourself, well, that or your pocket book!

Before You Leave

Get out there and start soaking up some of the countryside, be it East Anglia or elsewhere. There’s no place which isn’t better enjoyed with Medusa Juice e-liquids. Stock up on those and maybe some new gear while in the neighborhood. Whatever you do, and wherever you do it, Medusa Juice is just a click away. Our staff is standing by ready to serve your every vaping need, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No one does vape better than Medusa Juice.

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