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Bath: Get it while it’s hot

Bath is a city renowned for its Roman Baths located in Somerset. It’s one hundred eighty-five miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough and two hundred twenty miles from the first Medusa Juice Vape shop in King’s Lynn. You can drive to either one of those and stock up on all of your favourite e-liquids, equipment or clothing, or there’s also a shop in Norwich if you are headed that way. Of course you can always order online from the Medusa Juice website as well, but if you get a chance to visit a shop in person, do so and while you’re there, be sure to sign up for the latest competitions. It’s a chance to win some seriously great gear, e-liquids and clothing.
Bath became a spa for the Romans back in 60 AD and was known in latin as Aquae Sulis. Located on the River Avon, the Roman built the baths from the hot springs which was also used as a shrine to the goddess Sulis by the Britons. A temple to was constructed in AD 60-70 and a bathing complex was built up over the next 300 years.

Sit back and relax

Edgar of England was crowned King of England in Bath Abbey in 973. By the 15th century the abbey was dilapidated and the Bishop of Bath, Oliver King decided to rebuild it on a smaller scale. During the English Civil War, the town of Bath was garrisoned for Charles I. Several areas of the town were developed during the Stuart period, with more building taking place during Edwardian times. Bath got its first purpose-built theatre in the early 18th century.
Bath is visited by tourists from all over the world for both its Roman baths and also the different architectural structures such as the Palladian style bridge designed by Robert Adam and The Royal Crescent. Whether or not those of are interest to you, you can still find a great deal to do and see while in Bath.
Also, don’t forget to check out one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops in King’s Lynn or Peterborough if you have some time while visiting Bath. You can load up on all of your favourite e-liquids and gear while there. Or you can always order from their newly designed website at any time.

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If you’re looking for tours, there’s several options and in the walking tour area, there’s Mayor’s Honorary Guides, Highlights of Bath City Walks, and Bath Regency Walking Tours. If you would prefer to take a boat tour, there’s River Adventures, Bath City Boat Trips, Pulteney Cruisers and Bath Narrowboats. Or you can also take a bus tour with B Bakery. So, there’s plenty of venues to try out if you want a good tour of the city and all its glory.
Maybe you want to spend some family time at a game room or catch a film and you can do that at Bath Escape, or Bath Exit in the escape room category. There’s also Little Theatre Cinema and Odeon Cinema for films. Or if you prefer a park atmosphere where you can also enjoy vaping your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice, try Beazer Garden Maze, Moorlands Sandpits Play Area or Woodland Play Area and Elf and Fairy Trail.
There are also some very lovely gardens you can enjoy such as Parade Gardens, Botanical Gardens at Victoria Park, Sydney Gardens and Georgian Gardens.

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Any of those are well worth the time strolling along and a great place to enjoy your new purchases from one of the three Medusa Juice Vape Shops in Norwich, Peterborough and King’s Lynn. Where you can stock up on the newest flavoured e-juices, great equipment and new line of Medusa Juice clothing. It’s well worth the trip and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you’re there and take advantage of the chance to chat with the friendly staff who can answer any questions you may have.

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