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The best of Beccles

Situated on the River Waveney, the market town of Beccles is surrounded by beautiful countryside with hiking and cycling trails. And did you know that Beccles is just eighteen miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Norwich? While in town you’re just half an hour away from visiting our store and exploring the amazing range of e-liquids available. And while you’re there be sure to sign up to our contests, check out the latest offers and take a look at our range of vaping accessories and new clothing line. You won’t find a better selection at such great prices.
The town name of Beccles has a number of possible origins. Some believe the name is derived from Becc-Liss the Brittonic phrase for a small court. But others say the name comes from the Old English words Bece-Laes which means the meadow by the stream. And there are those who argue that the town takes its name from the Beata Ecclesia, a Christian temple that once stood at the town’s location. Whatever the true origin of the name, Beccles is aptly described as a picturesque small town by the river and surrounded by rolling green countryside.


Historically the position of the town made it an ideal site for a herring-fishery and a watch-tower looking out over the estuary. Being situated on the River Waveney also made Beccles a prominent river port and it remains a popular boating centre. The success of the fishing industry drew people to the town and it grew rapidly, developing into a trading point for local merchants. After the Norman Conquest Beccles continued to expand, attracting more merchants and trade.
In the 16th century a fire ravaged the town. With the river frozen solid and fierce winds fanning the flames there was no way to stop the blaze which consumed much of the town church and almost a hundred houses. Three more fires spread through Beccles in the 17th century, devastating the largely timber and thatch buildings. Most of the town we see today was built after these fires, but the Tudor manor of Rose Hall still stands from before the devastation.
The already prominent town became more important in the 19th century after the River Waveney was rendered navigable by larger vessels. This increase in trade and available goods helped Beccles grow and maintain its position as a trading centre.
Beccles also has ties to England’s most famous Naval Hero, Lord Nelson, known for his incredible leadership and tactical skill during the Napoleonic Wars. Horatio Nelson’s mother Catherine Suckling lived in the town and married Reverend Edward Nelson at St Michael’s Church in Beccles.
During World War II the nearby Beccles Airport was used by the RAF to carry out air-sea rescue and anti-shipping duties. Today the airfield is used for Helicopter training, free-fall parachuting by UK Parachuting and by the Civil Air Patrol Unit as they aid the emergency services.


But throughout its history, Beccles has remained a traditional market town. Visitors today can enjoy a variety of independent restaurants, bars and shops as well as historic sights and beautiful countryside.
While admiring the views of the picturesque Southern Broads and taking in all that Beccles has to offer, be sure to bring you vaping equipment so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids during your visit. Remember that the Medusa Juice Vaping Store in Norwich is just half an hour away and offers a huge selection of fantastic e-liquids. And whether you visit in person or make use of our convenient online store, be sure to take a look at the amazing accessories and our new clothing line. Check back regularly to keep up to date with the newest additions and see what you’d like to add to your own collection.
There are a wide range of activities in and around Beccles, from picturesque walks and peaceful country parks, to games, mazes and even skydiving. Beccles museum is well worth a look if you enjoy history. Located inside the grade 1 listed building of Leman House, the museum provides visitors with a glimpse into the past of the town and surrounding area.
The public hall in Beccles contains the town’s theatre which hosts a wide range of activities. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for plays, musicals, comedy or even wrestling. The town is also home to art galleries and antiques stores for those of us who enjoy seeing local talent and looking for elusive historic treasures.
Take a trip along the beautiful River Waveney and see the town and countryside from a different perspective. Boats are available for hire and there are also boat tours if you want to be sure you see all the sights along the waterway.
If you’re looking for a fast-paced adrenaline rush then head over to Beccles airport and UK Parachuting. Anyone over the age of 16 can take part in a tandem skydive from 13,000 feet with the highly skilled team. So, be sure to make your reservation for the skydiving or parachuting courses and prepare for the rush of a lifetime. And if you prefer to remain on the ground, the airport is also home to Ellough Park Raceway where visitors can take part in karting races.
On the edge of the River Waveney, the Beccles Lido is a well maintained, outdoor pool. Heated during the summer, the pool makes a fantastic place to relax in the sun, enjoy the waters or to exercise.

In conclusion

As you can tell, there’s plenty for visitors, young and old alike, to see and do in Beccles. And while you’re enjoying the town, remember that the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Norwich is just eighteen miles away. Take a short trip out to explore our amazing range of e-liquids and while there you can pick up the latest vaping equipment and check out our new clothing line. With new offers and contest all the time, our store is always worth a look.

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