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Bedford: What’s up with all the castle bashing?

Bedford is situated on a ford of the River Great Ouse, founded there by the Saxons in the early Middle Ages. Even more importantly, it’s only thirty-six miles from Medusa Juice Vape shop in Peterborough. Where, you can get all of the best e-liquids and vaping gear for great prices.
Bedford is believed to gain its name from a Saxon chief named Beda and the Anglo-Saxon King Offa of Mercia was buried there in 796. Eventually his tomb was lost to the river. In 919, Edward The Elder built the town’s first known fortress, but it was later destroyed by the Danes. A new stronger fortress was built by Paine de Beauchamp later after the Barony of Bedford was given to him by William II. It too was razed in 1224. Is it just me, or does it seem like castles don’t fare well in Bedford?

Pick and Choose

From the 16th century forward, Bedford became an important lace producer and it remained an important industry for Bedford until the 20th century. Wool and lace took a backseat to brewing around 1689. One has to wonder how a community goes from something like producing lace and wool to brewing, but it seems to have worked out fairly well. Bedford is well known for a great many of its citizens being of Italian descent. According to the 2001 census, nearly thirty percent of Bedford’s population were at least partially Italian.
The city changed a great deal in the 1800s, with the drains and sewers being dug in 1864 and gaslighting being introduced in 1832. Bedford’s first corn exchange was built in 1849.
The city may have changed its primary industry but the one thing which has remained consistent is that Bedford is that it’s a lovely agricultural area and there’s many beautiful little places to sit and enjoy your Medusa Juice Vapes. Stock up on all of your favourite equipment and e-liquids and then enjoy them at your leisure home and away. Some of the sites you can enjoy range from historical to family fun.
For instance, if churches are your thing, you can visit St Paul’s Church, St Andrew’s Church and The Church of Saint Mary The Virgin. If you want something a bit more historically important, then I’d suggest Bushmead Priory or Bedford Castle.

Parks and recreation

For outdoor activities either as a family or just the adults, there’s Canoe Trail, Box End Park, Palmer Sport, Kempston Outdoor Centre, Mowsbury Park and Forest Owl. There’s a lovely boat tour to take as well, the John Bunyan Community Boat, so be sure to add that to your list of things to do in Bedford if you get the chance.
Golf is huge in Bedford and there are four courses that you can use: Colmworth Golf Club, Mowsbury Golf Club and then two nearby clubs, Bedford and County Golf Club (Clapham) and Pavenham Park Golf Club (Pavenham). Be sure to pack your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquids to enjoy while playing a round or two.
Bedford has some interesting museums to visit and amongst those are the John Bunyan Meeting House and Museum, Panacea Museum, The Higgins Bedford and The Glenn Miller Museum (Clapham). Check out those and the art galleries too if you can. The galleries are Eagle Gallery, Wood End Gallery and Rock City Art Ltd.
Bedford has a charter market and there’s other great shopping to be found there as well. Some shops you might want to see are Eagle Bookshop, Tudor Rose Patchwork and Rogan’s Books. Pick up something fun to enjoy along with your best vapes from Medusa Juice.

Beyond the Myth

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