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The Beauty of Bodmin

The historic town of Bodmin is located south-west of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Formerly the county town of Cornwall, Bodmin is famous for its architecture and the mysterious beast of the moor. The town is also two hundred and ninety miles from the from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough. Visit our store and check out the fantastic range of e-liquids and vaping accessories. You won’t find a better selection for your money. And whether you visit one of our shops in person or take advantage of the convenient online store, be sure to take a look at our new line of clothing as well as the latest offers and contests.
The name of the town is believed to be derived from the old Cornish words “bod” and “Menegh” meaning the dwelling place or sanctuary of monks. And this name refers to an early monastic settlement founded in the area.

Through the ages

Bodmin is one of the oldest continuous settlements in Cornwall but little is known about the town before the founding of the monastery in the 6th century. Writing from the early medieval period indicate that there was a settlement at Bodmin at that time and by the 11th century the town was well established. For most of its history Bodmin’s economy was based on tin mining and it is noteworthy as the only large Cornish settlement recorded in the Domesday Book.
The history of the town includes periods of conflict and disaster. When the black death struck in the 14th century, Bodmin lost half of its population to the disease. The town was also central during three of the Cornish Uprisings in the 15th and 16th centuries.
During the Cornish Rebellion of 1497 an army from Cornwall marched on London and were eventually defeated by the King’s army. Later that same year, pretender to the throne, Perkin Warbeck tried to take control by being proclaimed King Richard IV in Bodmin but his rebellion was crushed by King Henry VII. The following century, Cornish and Devon rebels allied together against King Edward VI and the new prayer book. The Cornish army once again formed in Bodmin before joining forces in Devon.
The industrial revolution of the 19th century brought new mining technology as well as an increased demand for tin. Bodmin was connected to the Cornwall Railway in 1887, bringing trade and tourism as the town expanded rapidly. Despite this industrial boom, by the middle of the 20th century the tin mining industry was in decline as cheaper tin started to be imported.
Over the years Bodmin has become a popular tourist destination thanks to the incredible countryside that surrounds the town as well as its rich history and the nearby attractions. There are a whole range of things to see and do within walking distance and the town’s location in the heart of Cornwall makes Bodmin a great central base to explore the rest of the picturesque county.
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Out and about in Bodmin

Visit Bodmin Moor to experience the incredible landscape and historic sites such as King Arther’s Hall. And take the time to stop off and have a picnic at the secluded Delphi Bridge near the village of St Breward
For those who want to enjoy more of the picturesque countryside, nearby Cardinham woods has a host of hiking trails. While in the woods you can also paddle through the river or make use of the children’s wooden play area.
Cyclists can follow the coast along The Camel Trail and enjoy a twenty-two mile round trip along this beautiful stretch of coastline. And if you want to view the Moor from horseback, Hallagenna Riding offers horseback tours with skilled guides for people of any experience level.
Visit Bodmin Town Museum to explore the history of the town from its origins up to the world wars. And Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, located in the historic old Army Keep, holds an extensive collection of military artefacts including, photos, medals and weapons.
There’s plenty more of historic interest around town. Visit the Shire Hall in the centre of town to attend a reenactment of the Victorian murder trial of Matthew Weekes, accused of murdering a girl on Bodmin Moor. For more murder and history visitors can take a journey into the punishments of the past at Bodmin Jail. Once the county’s high security prison, this 18th century building with it’s remarkable architecture had its last execution in 1909.
There are great activities in and around Bodmin for visitors to enjoy. Experience iBounce Cornwall, the largest Trampoline Park in the South west. Or you could try your hand at the puzzles of an escape room or enjoy a game of footgolf. While on the Moor visit Siblyback Lake Country Park for a range of watersports including sailing, windsurfing and rainbow trout fishing. And take a trip on the Bodmin and Wentworth Railway to view the beautiful countryside from the carriage of a historic steam train.

By the way

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