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Our best source, Eilert Ekwall suggests that the most likely origin of the name ‘Brandon’, meaning, “hill where broom grows.” And while it may not be a very glamorous name, it’s persevered over the centuries. The earliest known spelling is from the eleventh century. The town was gradually expanding and as it rose along the higher ground of the river valley, it was called Bromdun.

Dating back to prehistoric times, this entire area was once mined for flint. Examples of this can be seen at the popular tourist destination, Grimes Graves. From then until more recent times, when Brandon became a major producer of gunflints, this small town has played an important role in the local area history.

According to the Domesday Book, the manor of Brandon in 1086 had twenty-five households. In medieval times and beyond Brandon was renowned for its rabbit fur. So, as you can see, Brandon has changed and evolved since its earliest days. Which is probably best when the rest of the world is changing quickly, lest you be left to rot.


While in Brandon, you can visit the Brandon Heritage Centre. Here you can find out about the great fire which took place on 14 May 1789. It seems that while all the young men were away at a fair day in nearby Thetford, a fire caused by a lightning strike set fire to the surgeon’s house which quickly spread to the surrounding properties. When you only have twenty-five households, having eleven houses damaged by fire, including the eight which were completely destroyed, is a huge deal. Francis Diggon, the saddler, was hardest hit and lost all of his property and possessions, which amounted to a total of 381 pounds, 2 shillings.

Brandon is located in the Breckland area on the border of Suffolk with the adjoining county of Norfolk. Surrounded by Forestry Commission and agricultural land it is considered a rural town.
The town’s current population is recorded as 9,636 people in the 2011 United Kingdom Census.

The population of Brandon has steadily increased since the Second World War, largely due to immigration. After the war there was an influx of servicemen from Poland who settled in the town. The Cold War saw many American service people and their families billeted in and around the town. In the 1970s and many London families were relocated to Brandon after the London Council had helped build estate homes there.

Things To Do

Other things of note are the importance Cinema has played here. Brandon’s first cinema was brought to the town by Stanley Lingwood near the end of 1917. Stanley had just been released the Army due receiving a very severe hand wound at The Somme. Lingwood purchased the cinema from Shropshire and erected it between the family home, Avenue House, and the Church Institute, along Victoria Avenue.

This was a wooden building and he named the cinema ‘Electric Palace’. It stayed in his possession until December 1933 when he sold it to a King’s Lynn businessman named Ben Culey, who had a cinema in neighbouring Thetford. Six months after Ben purchased the cinema it burnt to the ground in a mysterious fire and in February 1935 he opened another cinema on the site of the burned down one, which he then named ‘AVENUE’.

Brandon has a great place to vape and enjoy nature, it’s Brandon Brandon Country Park. The park is located in the very heart of Thetford Forest. They have miles of walking and nature trails, cycle routes, a lake, lawns, and a historic arboretum. You can also enjoy the walled garden, Visitor Centre and the Copper Beech Tearoom. Be sure to leave yourself time to enjoy the surrounding countryside and enjoy your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice.


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Other things you may enjoy doing while in the Brandon area is touring the Brandon Brewery. It’s friendly interesting. People visit from all over the world to learn their secrets. Many American microbreweries have used their methods to start up in the United States.

The Heritage Centre in Brandon has something for everyone and can certainly help you plan the best holiday for you and your family while there, so be sure to start there. In the end, it’s all about what you want to take home from your time in Brandon and in order to make it a memorable and pleasant experience, I cannot stress enough that Medusa Juice will help it be the very best possible trip. So, load up the kids, the dogs and don’t forget plenty of delicious e-liquids from Medusa Juice.

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