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Being in Bridport

The market town of Bridport is located near the confluence of the River Brit and the Asker. The town is known as a historic centre for rope making and the prominent arts scene and annual festivals make it a popular place to visit. Bridport is also two hundred and sixteen miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough. I recommend a trip to one of our stores to stock up on your favourite e-liquids as well as checking out the latest addition and new offers available. And whether you visit in person or online, be sure to take a look at our new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories.

History and Myths

Bridport can trace its history back to Anglo-Saxon times when it had impressive fortifications and its own mint. The town was one of the most important settlements in Dorset during the reign of King Alfred.
It is believed that Bridport’s name comes from ‘Brydian’ the name of a nearby fortified settlement in the valley. Unusually, the river on which the town stands was named after Bridport, changing its name from the River Wooth to the River Brit.
The Domesday Book records the town as ‘Brideport’ and notes it as a market town with over a hundred houses. By the 13th century the town received its royal charter from Henry III and had two members of Parliament within a few decades.
Bridport’s location made it extremely vulnerable when the Black Death came to the British Isles. The town suffered great losses to the disease, losing the majority of its population. This wasn’t the only disaster to strike Bridport as it also endured attacks by French and Spanish forces.
The town’s reputation as a centre for rope and net production was well established by the Middle Ages. Flax and hemp were grown in the surrounding countryside and Bridport supplied the growing number of ships as well as making the rope used for gallows.
During the English Civil War, Bridport was mostly Royalist. Charles II stayed in the town to evade Parliamentarian forces after the defeat at the Battle of Worcester.
In the 19th century Bridport was connected to the growing railway network which helped the town’s industry grow and trade their products far and wide. After the outbreak of World War I, Bridport industry quickly adapted to manufacture military products with most of the work being done by the town’s women. Lines for tents and hammocks were produced in the town along with cords for rifles and huge quantities of camouflage netting.
Today Bridport hosts a number of festivals including the Bridport Literary Festival, Agricultural Exhibition as well as a Food and Beer Festival. The town is also home to an annual carnival held in August which features parade floats, majorettes, a funfair and live music at night. These events, along with the beautiful scenery, help make Bridport a popular place for visitors.
While taking in the sight of this picturesque town, be sure to bring your vaping equipment so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids. The Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough is just a few hours away from Bridport and well worth a visit to check out the amazing range of e-liquids. Come back regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers and contest as well as exploring our great selection of vaping accessories and new clothing line. You’ll find everything you need in our stores for the best vaping experience.

Other interesting places

Bridport serves as a gateway town for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Visitors can take a guided walk along this prehistoric section of coastline and learn about the creatures that lived there while discovering Jurassic and Triassic rock formations and fossils. Or visit the nearby Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre to discover learn from helpful volunteers and hands on displays. The centre is also a great place to pick up souvenirs of your experience.
The coastline around Bridport also boasts a number of great beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the beauty of nature. Walk along the coastal paths or enjoy an ice cream on the sand and shingles. The beaches are also a popular place for rock pools and fossil hunting or you could always get out on the waters by taking a boat tour or fishing trip.
In addition to the wonderful beaches nearby to Bridport, the town is also surrounded by picturesque countryside with great hiking and cycling trails to explore. Visitors can also take a trip to Xtreme Falconry and get up close with a variety of amazing birds of prey.
Bridport Museum offers visitors a chance to look back into the past and learn more about the history of the area. The museum features displays on the Jurassic Coast, Roman Times and much more from Bridport’s past. There are also annual events and family activities as well as hands on demonstrations about the town’s netting industry.
There are also museums nearby that focus on different aspects of the region’s history if you’re interested in learning more. Visit Mangerton Mill and explore this working 6th century watermill while also enjoying the beautiful countryside that surrounds the mill. Or take a short drive to the Dinosaurland Fossil Museum to discover a large collection of fossils intended to be fun and educational for all ages.
Bridport is also home to a variety of art galleries and theatres displaying a range of works including handmade furniture and crafts, paintings from internationally recognised artists as well as local talent. At Bridport Arts Centre you can enjoy theatre, music and dance productions as well as the annual literary festival.

Don’t forget to visit

The town has a lot to offer, including a great selection of bars and taverns as well as the local market and shops. While exploring Bridport take a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough or visit online to explore our fantastic range of e-liquids. It’s well worth visiting regularly to keep up to date with contests, deals and the latest additions to our selection.

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