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Brighton’s Bloody History

This beautiful city on the South coast has been a prominent tourist destination for well over a hundred years. The most popular seaside resort in the UK for overseas visitors, Brighton has been called the happiest place to live in the UK. This well loved city is just one hundred and fifty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough and one hundred and sixty miles from our store in Norfolk. Enjoy a commute to either of the nearby Medusa Juice Vape Stores to enjoy our fantastic selection of e-liquids, not to mention all the accessories you could ever need. And while you’re there, take a look at our new range of clothing that includes hoodies and t-shirts with inspiring designs.
Brighton’s stellar rise as a seaside resort began in the Georgian era, when the Prince Regent was a frequent patron of the city. But Brighton’s origins stretch back to neolithic times with the first settlement being dated to around 3000 BC. The numerous bones and tools identified by archaeologists suggest it was a place of importance even back then. It should be no surprise that there were still substantial settlements in the area during the Bronze Age and Iron Age.
In Roman Times there were a number of Roman villas in the area and a nearby Roman road connected the region to London. After Roman occupation ended Brighton returned to the control of the native Celt until the Anglo-Saxons invaded in the 5th century AD.
It was these Anglo-Saxon invaders who first built the village of Bristelmestune, taking advantage of the raised land for buildings and easy access for boats. By the 11th century the village had a population of 400 and it grew in importance and size, reaching 4,000 people by the 17th century, becoming the largest town in Sussex.

Moving forward

As the popularity for taking in the waters grew in the 18th century, Brighton had another population boom as it became a tourist destination. Spas and indoor pools were opened and with the patronage of King George IV, or Prince Regent as he was then, Brighton transformed from a fishing village to a fashionable resort.
The 19th century brought the railways, making Brighton accessible to a far larger number of visitors. In the space of a hundred years the population grew rapidly and many of the iconic attractions we know today were constructed. The Grand Hotel, the West Pier and the Palace Pier were all built during the Victorian era.
Securing its place as one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK, Brighton was granted City status in the year 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the millennium celebration. Today, the City of Brighton boasts an impressive number of attraction and activities to keep visitors entertained, not to mention the breathtaking views and rich nightlife.
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Daytime fun

Brighton today is a vibrant and eclectic city with all the amenities and attractions you could hope for in a seaside resort. The city attracts millions of visitors each year, eager to enjoy the shopping areas, music and art scenes as well as the exciting nightlife.
Miles of beaches with iconic painted beach huts stretch out along the coast. Everything is catered for, from quiet sunbathing and family time to outdoor pursuits such as beach volleyball and ultimate frisbee in the beach’s sports complex. There is also a secluded nudist beach and one of Europe’s largest marinas with boat trips and thousands of births for the nautically inclined.
Taking a stroll through Brighton, you’ll be amazed at the number of restaurants, pubs, clubs and other nightlife hotspots that fill the city. You won’t run out of new places to visit and the live music venues in Brighton strengthen the city’s connection to successful bands and new artists. There are also several casinos with great atmosphere for those looking to dance with lady luck.

After hours

During the day Brighton has a host of sites and attractions to entertain. From art galleries and museums to outdoor markets, country walks and spas. There are spas for everyone, whether you’re looking for an energising workout, massage therapy or beauty treatments.
The most prominent museum in the city is the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Located in the Royal Pavilion Garden, the many exhibitions and attractions are just a five minute walk from the beach. The museum and art gallery includes displays on fine art, ancient Egypt, fashion and the Museum of Transology.
No seaside resort would be complete without an aquarium and Brighton has the world’s oldest operating aquarium. Built in 1872, Sea Life offers the opportunity to see a variety of fresh and saltwater creatures. The Lagoon has displays of beautiful rays and big fish and there’s an interactive rock pool where visitors can touch starfish or sea anemones.

Settling in

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