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Brush Up In Bristol

Bristol has the 10th largest population in England and is only one hundred sixty miles from Peterborough, home of a new Medusa Juice Vape Shop. You can see the sights in Bristol and take a side trip to one of the Medusa Juice shops to stock up on all of your favourite e-liquids and equipment or check out the new clothing line.
Bristol borders North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and archaeological finds of flint tools believed to be 300,000 years and 126,000 years old have been found in the Shirehampton and St Annes area of Bristol indicate the presence of Neanderthals during the Paleolithic era. There are ruins from Iron age hill forts and there was a Roman settlement as well as Roman Villas and small forts scattered around the area.
We know that Bristol was founded by 1100 and by about 1020 was a trading centre with a small mint silver producing pennies bearing its name. By 1067, the town was a well fortified burh and the townspeople beat off a raiding party from Ireland led by three of Harold Godwinson’s sons. Later, under Norman Rule, the town has one of the strongest castles in Southern England. Bristol was the place of exile for Diarmait Mac Murchada, the Irish king of Leinster after he was overthrown.

Moving on up

Bristol port developed around the confluence of the Rivers Frome and Avon around the 11th century. By the 12th century, it was an important port and handled much of England’s trade with Ireland, which included slaves at that time. The town incorporated the neighboring suburbs to become a county in 1373. It was during this time that Bristol also became a shipbuilding and manufacturing centre. By the 14th century, Bristol, York and Norwich were England’s largest medieval towns after London. In 1348-9, one third to one half of Bristol’s population died from the Black Death.
By the 15th century, Bristol was the second most important port in the country. It’s trading with Ireland, Iceland and Gascony put it above many of the other ports at that time. It was also the starting point for many voyages. In fact, in 1499, a voyage led by merchant William Weston was the first expedition of an English ship to North America.
In the next century, Bristol was well established as a trading centre for ships from Spain and the American Colonies. The goods included prohibited goods like guns and food to Iberia. The 17th and 18th century saw Bristol become an integral part of the ‘Triangular’ trade. England shipped goods to Africa in exchange for slaves, and then transported those slaves to America. In return for the slaves, they brought back tobacco, rum, rice and sugar as well as a few ‘choice’ slaves which then was sold to the aristocracy here in England.
Bristol saw a great many changes over the centuries and by the 19th century ships were getting larger and larger and this made it virtually impossible for them to continue using the Avon. This in turn forced Bristol to switch their manufacturing from things like copper and brass to other things like Tobacco.

Further down the line

Ever changing and reinventing itself, Bristol has managed to remain relevant and prosperous throughout the centuries. Now, tourism plays a larger part in the city’s commerce and it is certainly a great place to go visit for a day or several. And you can find a great deal to occupy your time while there. Regardless of what your interests are, there’s something to meet them. But let’s not forget that it’s still only a few hours drive to one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops and there you can get all of the latest deals on e-liquids, equipment and clothing. If you have a chance to visit all three, go for it because you can find great bargains at each one and don’t forget to sign up for the latest competitions while you’re there.
While in Bristol, you may want to do a bit of sightseeing and there’s some great landmarks to visit. Some of them include Cabot Tower, Bristol Cathedral, Ashton Court, Blaise Hamlet, Clevedon Court and Quaker Burial Ground. Also, if you have time you may want to see Prince Street Bridge, Kings Weston Roman Villa, and Emmaus House.
Some of the more notable architectural buildings include Wills Memorial Building, The Clifton Arcade, The Architecture Centre, The Victorian Rooms and Ashton Gatehouse.
There are several bridges to visit while in Bristol, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Pero’s Bridge, Second Severn Crossing, Severn Bridge and the Gaol Ferry Bridge. So, if you like bridges, it’s like hitting the trifecta here.

And now for something completely different

If you want some wildlife in your visit, try Bristol Zoo Gardens, Bristol Aquarium, Clifton Observatory and Caves, Brandon Hill Nature Park or Avon Gorge National Nature Reserve. There are also lots of lovely parks and gardens to visit and enjoy your Medusa Juice e-liquids while strolling around them.
Portishead Lake Grounds, College Green, Castle Park and Hengrove Park are just a few. Bristol also has plenty to do with the kids besides parks and playgrounds. You can take in a movie, go bowling, hit an escape room or two and lots more. Bristol Activity Centre, West Country Games, AirHop and Laser Fusion should get your family started off nicely with fun.
Or try Absolutely Karting or Leap of Faith if you’re a bit braver of heart. There’s also iCombat Bristol and The Climbing Academy. You won’t lack things to do while in Bristol, that’s for sure.

Why not try

There’s a huge array of shopping places to be found and same goes for dining. You can find anything from cheap eats to very fine dining. It’s up to you, and no matter what your budget, you can find just about any kind of food to fit in it.
Why not have a nice lunch and then drive to one of the three Medusa Juice Vape Shops located in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich? Stock up on your favourite e-juices, grab a new tee shirt or hoodie and peruse the latest equipment available, all at substantial savings.

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