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Busy in Bromyard

The picturesque market town of Bromyard is often referred to as ‘the town of festivals’ and can be found nestled in the valley of the River Frome in the east of Herefordshire. The town has a number of beautiful timber-framed buildings and is just one hundred and thirty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. So, while visiting the town you’re just a short drive away from checking out the amazing selection of e-liquids. And while at our store be sure to take a look at our range of accessories as well as the new clothing line for more great deals. I highly recommend visiting one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers, contests and new additions to our collection.

Bromyard history

Bromyard can trace its history back to Anglo-Saxon times when the Bishop of Hereford had a manor in the area. The village is referred to by name in the 9th century when a monastery was founded in the valley with the permission of King Behrtwulf, King of the Mercians.
By the time of the Domesday Book, the village was one of the largest communities in Herefordshire. But by the 17th century the population had been surpassed by neighbouring towns and it remained a modest and picturesque community.
During the Civil War, Bromyard supported the Royalists and King Charles I stayed in the town on his way to Hereford in 1645. When Parliamentarian Forces attempted to take control of Herefordshire a number of battles took place near Bromyard, most notably at Ledbury and Castle Frome.
Bromyard was a successful market town for centuries, making it’s living from the sale of local produce. In the 18th century Bromyard operated a lucrative toll road but by the 19th century the town’s fortunes had flagged a little as there was a decline in trade. This loss of merchant traffic occurred after the town wasn’t connected to the new railway network as quickly as its neighbours and the town was also late to take advantage of the industrial revolution.
When the first World War broke out Bromyard was the site of an internment camp where the future Lord Mayor of Cork, Terence MacSwiney was interned. During World War II Bromyard Downs, just outside the town was home to two Auxiliary Unit Operational Bases. These underground bunkers were used by the British Resistance Organisation, secret military units set up during the war to fight back in the event of a successful German invasion.
Bromyard has been a centre for the hop growing industry for years and remains so to this day. The town even has a Hop Festival dedicated to the important cultural and economic heritage of hop growing in the area. The event attracts around five thousand visitors to Bromyard each year and is just one of many festivals held in the town.
Take a stroll through Bromyard today and you’ll be surrounded by historic buildings, many of which stretch back to before the Georgian period. This beautiful market town is surrounded by incredible countryside and is home to a variety of annual festivals, so be sure to bring your vaping gear so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids as you explore all that Bromyard has to offer. If you need to top up your supplies then the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough is just a few hours away or you can always check out our convenient website and have everything you need for a great vaping experience delivered to your door. While at our store you can explore the amazing selection of e-liquids as well as vaping accessories and our new clothing line.

Out and about

Bromyard has earned the reputation for being the town of festivals for good reason. As well as the Hops Festival celebrating the importance of the local hops growing industry there are more than a dozen other events held each year. These include multiple music festivals, such as Nozstocks and the Bromyard Folk Festival as well as other attractions like the Bromyard Speed Festival and even a festival of town criers. And during the winter the town has a fireworks display and festivals for Christmas lights and Christmas trees.
As well as the festivals and beautiful countryside with great hiking trails, Bromyard also boasts a number of picturesque gardens. The nearby Ralph Court Gardens features twelve gardens set in the grounds of a gothic rectory with a range of styles and a restaurant on site. Moors Meadow and The Garden at The Bannut are also inspiring gardens with amazing views.
Nearby Kingfisher Trout Lake offers first class trout fishing with casting platforms and a fishing lodge providing food as well as flies, lures and tackle hire. This beautiful, spring-fed lake is surrounded by picturesque countryside and is well worth checking out.
For anyone looking to spend more time with nature, Brook House Woods provides luxury tree houses for their guests as well as a Hobbit House or Yurt. While there you can take part in woodworking classes as you enjoy the peace and tranquility.
While visiting Bromyard why not pop into the Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction. This collection of science fiction memorabilia focuses on Doctor Who but also includes Red Dwarf, Star Wars, Star Trek and the Gerry Anderson classics like Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. A great treat for fans of science fiction.

Don’t forget to stock up

Bromyard is a picturesque market town with plenty of annual events to keep visitors entertained, whether you’re looking for music, arts or a steam rally. But while you’re enjoying everything that the town has to offer, take a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Shops in Peterborough. Explore our incredible selection of e-liquids to find new treats and take the opportunity to sign up for the latest competitions. You won’t find a better range of e-liquids for your money and if that wasn’t enough, we also have a new clothing range with a choice of t-shirts and hoodies with eye-catching designs.

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