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A City To Love

While Cambridge is a relatively ‘new city’ having been given city status in 1951, the actual site of and a great deal of its sites are quite old and prestigious. When we first come across Cambridge in written records, it was already a considerable town. The bridge across the River Cam or Granta, from which the town took its name, had existed since at least 875. Cambridge was an important trading centre even before the Domesday was published in 1086. There was at that time a castle standing on the rising ground to the north of the bridge. Also there were already several substantial commercial and residential properties there, not to mention several churches in the main settlement which lay south of the bridge.


By early 1200, Cambridge had become a thriving commercial community and county town with at least one school of distinction. By 1209, scholars seeking refuge from the hostile townsmen of Oxford, came to settle there. Cambridge University, perhaps the most famous of local organizations there first began rather humbly. Although it is now one of the most renowned universities in the world, it had fairly humble beginnings. Scholars from Oxford after having moved to Cambridge, set up a place of study, their numbers were such that they could form quite a group and even had a chancellor. They developed a course of study and before you knew it were accepting students. Most of these at the time were fourteen or fifteen years old. The year was 1226. Can you imagine? In 1231, King Henry III took the scholars under his protection and even went so far as to proclaim that only those students enrolled under the tuition of a recognised master would be allowed to stay in the town.

When you think about Cambridge and its university, remember that is also known to have a 40% higher education ratio than that of the rest of the country. Silicon Fen plays a very important role in the area and Cambridge is a highly technological city.


Cambridge also plays a vital part in conservation of our nature resources. Within its borders are three fantastic examples of this. They are Cambridge Local Nature Reserve, Trumpington Meadows Nature Reserve and Beechwoods Nature Reserve. Any and all are worthy of your time being spent there and please don’t hesitate to help keep these preservation sites running if you can. You’re helping to preserve the future of your children and the planet we all inhabit. Any of these places are also a great way to spend a day while enjoying your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice as well. And while you’re out and about, feel free to stop in and visit one of the four shops in the general area. King’s Lynn has the bus station kiosk as well as the original Medusa Juice shop and you can also find a shop in Peterborough and Norwich. There’s also a gorgeous botanical garden in Cambridge.

Other Places

If you’re unsure of what sort of day you want to have, try visiting the Cambridge Visitor Information Centre. You can find out about everything there is to do and see in the city and also purchase tickets for some of the sites and the tours. Cambridge offers tours by air, walking and water. Between the three, you will certainly be able to see the city in its entirety.

Some other places of note are the Corpus Clock and the Mathematical Bridge. The Market Square is a great place to stroll through as well. Don’t forget to take time to fully embrace the history of this legendary city and trust me, this is done more easily when you’re enjoying your favourite vape from Medusa Juice.

If you are an American here visiting, or perhaps just interested in WWII history, then you won’t want to miss The Cambridge American Cemetery. The only American WWII cemetery in the whole of the United Kingdom, it has the distinction of being one of only twenty-five overseas American cemeteries.

Historical And Beautiful

Cambridge is also important to our society as the home to the first college to open their doors and devote studies solely to women.

The ancient Universities of Oxford (before 1167) and Cambridge (1209) were the only two English universities in existence until the nineteenth century. In the north of England, the University of Durham had been founded in 1832. But none of these universities accepted women as students.

In 1929, the author, Virginia Woolf wrote describing how the wealth accumulated by the men’s ancient colleges was visible in their splendid buildings, none of which had come the way of women’s education.

Later, Emily Davies experienced the problem firsthand when fundraising in the 1870s to build a women’s university college offering the same examinations as those of male undergraduates at Cambridge. ‘We are told that we ought to ask for £30,000 at least…It is not a large sum, considering that there is to be but one college of this sort…and considering how easy it is to raise immense sums for boys’ schools. But considering how few people really wish women to be educated, it is a good deal.’

Despite opposition, Girton College for women was built and women filled its halls with their thirst for learning and zest for life.

Another historical and interesting place is The Old Cavendish Laboratory. I could have stayed there all day. The Cavendish Laboratory was founded in the late 19th century. with a generous The university Chancellor, William Cavendish, donated a huge amount of money to the facility in order to upgrade the pursuit of sciences in Cambridge. New and exciting discoveries such as DNA, the Neutron and Electron have been made within these buildings. Try not to miss it if you can.

As you can see, Cambridge is anything but boring and as I mentioned before, it’s a great place to vape and there’s no better place to get your vape needs than Medusa Juice.

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