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Can’t Get Enough Of Canterbury

When you think of Canterbury, you immediately think of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the primate of the Church of England. But there’s so much to this city, including the fact that you can still drive to the Medusa Juice store in King’s Lynn with a few hours on the road. There you can load up on all of your favourite e-liquids and equipment as well as their fashionable new line of clothes. Canterbury is also only one hundred forty-one miles from the Medusa Juice in Peterborough. So, if you fancy a nice drive, I can highly recommend taking the time to visit one or both Medusa Juice Vape shops.
Canterbury is a popular tourist destination and people from all over the globe flock to the city for a multitude of reasons. Of course, one of the most visited sites is the Canterbury Cathedral. You may not know this, but Canterbury is actually home to the oldest existing school in the world, the King’s School.
The city itself has been occupied since Paleolithic times and was the capital of the Celtic Cantiaci tribe as well as the Jute Kingdom of Kent. Amongst the historical buildings of note is the city wall founded in Roman times. It was then rebuilt in the 14th century.

About those martyrs

Famous for the martyrdom of Thomas Becket in 1074 and the subject of Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th century Canterbury tales, Canterbury has long been a site for pilgrimages. Captured in the 1st century AD by the Romans who went on to build the city in a grid pattern, a theatre, temple and roman baths there. Today, it’s still filled with historic wonders and when you visit you can see a host of many things regardless of your own interests.
Some of the more notable historical and archaeological sites are Canterbury Cathedral, Chilham Village, St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury City Walls, Westgate Towers, Buttermarket, and Godmersham House. The Canterbury Labyrinth is also worth seeing as is Greyfriars Chapel and Franciscan Gardens and The King’s Mile. Also, try to get over to Canterbury Norman Castle if you get the chance. The Westgate is the oldest standing city gate in England and survived several attempts to bring it down, including a demolition attempt at road widening in the 18th century.
The Romans left Canterbury around 410 AD and in 1842 and 1851, Canterbury great loss of life during the Danish raids. In 978, Archbishop Dunstan refounded the abbey built by Augustine only to have the Danes attack again in 991. In 1011, the Cathedral was burned and Archbishop Alphege was killed in 1012. After being besieged for so long and on several occasions by the Danes, Canterbury didn’t resist when William The Conqueror invaded in 1066. Canterbury Castle was captured by French Prince Louis in 1215, during his invasion and before the death of John caused his supporters to desert the cause and support the young Henry III.

Isn’t that always the way?

In 10,000, Canterbury had the tenth largest population in England and was hit by the Black Death in 1348. By the 16th century, the population of Canterbury had fallen to about 3,000 people. The 17th century saw the population rise to about 5,000 and most of these were French speaking Huguenots. The Huguenots introduced silk weaving to the city, and most of the wool weaving was outstripped by the year 1676.
As you stroll around this historically rich city, be sure to take your vape equipment and enjoy your favourite e-liquids and gear from Medusa Juice. If you can’t make it to one of the Medusa Juice Vape shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Norwich, be sure to get online and order all of your usual e-juices or something new and exciting while visiting Canterbury.
If you enjoy museums, there are several choices for you including The Canterbury Tales, Canterbury Roman Museum, The Kent Museum of Freemasonry and Stelling Minnis Windmill and Museum.

An offer you can’t refuse

Canterbury offers some lovely water and boat tours as well and here’s a few to get you started. Canterbury Historic River Tours, Canterbury Punting Company, Westgate Punts, Fordwich River tours and Canoe Wild. Other tours include Canterbury Guided Tours, My Streets, Dr Thompson’s Tours and Explore Kent and Sussex. There’s also a Virgin Balloon Flights located here so you can see the entire region from the sky if you fancy that sort of thing.
Canterbury has two wildlife parks to enjoy while you’re there and those are Wingham Wildlife Park and Howletts Wild Animal Park. Be sure to take the entire family.
There’s several playgrounds and parks to visit as well, such as Great Stour Way, Toddlers Cove, Hambrook Marshes and Lady Wootton’s Green. There you and your family can enjoy a lovely stroll, and you can fill your tank with something lovely from Medusa Juice and Vape in the beautiful surroundings. Grove Ferry Picnic Site is a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic with the family as well.
If shopping is more your thing, you’re set here as well, from such local favourites as Fudge Kitchen, The Goods Shed and Canterbury Glass Art to Whitefriars Shopping Centre, you can find nearly anything you want. There’s some really lovely jewellery stores, book shops and gift shops here as well. The Chaucer Bookshop, Luke Goldsmith Jewellery, 925 Silver and Ortwin Thyssen Jewellery Maker are all great little shops to browse around. Also, you can get your sweet tooth satisfied at Bon Bon or Hardys Original Sweetshop and if you’re interested in vintage clothing, try Revivals.

Just in case you missed it…

As you can see, there’s no end to the type of holiday you can have in Canterbury, but while out and about, give a serious thought to going to one of the Medusa Juice Vape shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Norwich. Be sure to sign up for the latest competitions and stock up on the great Medusa Juice e-liquids and save. You won’t find better deals anywhere.

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