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Feel like royalty in Castleford

Castleford is a lovely mid-sized town in West Yorkshire. It’s located about one hundred four miles from Peterborough, home of one of the three Medusa Juice Vape Shops. There you can get premium e-liquids, equipment and e-cigs. All for the best prices in the United Kingdom.

Back in the day

Despite the myth that Britain was full of an uncivilised ‘barbarian’ race before the Romans, the truth is that people had been farming and living in settlements here for thousands of years before they arrived. As Castleford was the best place to cross the river Aire it is quite likely that at least a small settlement would have existed around the ford. Castleford lay at the centre of a large forest that spread from the Tyne as far south as Nottingham.
The name Castleford came from the Romans. Castrum – a camp or fort and Ford – shallow part of a stream crossed by a road. There is a certain amount of confusion as to what the Romans actually called Castleford. It is variously named Legeolio and Legioleum but the commonly accepted name is Lagentium which translates as “The Place of the Bottles”. Taken from the Latin ‘lagenae’ (bottles or flasks) since evidence of a Roman glass-making industry has been found around Castleford.
Castleford was the place where Watling Street crossed the River Aire. Watling Street ran from Danum (Doncaster) down the western boundary of Pontefract Park, across the end of Smawthorne Lane and Welbeck Street, crossed Carlton Street at the Junction Inn, passed the Parish Church, down Rectory Street and across the river near the present dam. Then onwards to Calcaria (Tadcaster) and Isurium (Aldborough) and the north. A second road from Sheffield and a third from Chester joined Watling Street around Pontefract Park thereby making Castleford a major junction.
A fine example of a Roman Milestone was placed in Beancroft Road in 249 A.D. at the commencement of the reign of the Emperor Decius Trajanus, and is inscribed with his and his son’s names and titles. (Both Augustus and his father Decius were killed in battle in 251 A.D.) After his death, it was inverted and reinscribed at the other end with the names and titles of the Emperors Vibius Gallus and his son Vibius Volusianus 251-253 A.D. (I am not sure if this stone was unlucky but both Vibius and son were murdered in 253 A.D. by troops of the usurper Aemilius Aemilianus.) This is now in the Castleford Museum Room at Leeds City Museum.
Lagentium was a considerable Roman town at this time as witness the coins, pottery and historical evidence found and was on the main Roman Road North – thus many a Roman Legion must have marched through under such Commanders as Suetonius Paulinus, Agricola, Hadrian, Severus and in particular The Emperor Constantine to be crowned at York. The Romans left around 410 A.D.
There are other historical relics which have been discovered which date back to the Anglo Saxons, such as the roundhouses they used, which were found in Queen’s Park, in Castleford. This was a highly strategic area, since you can see the entire surrounding area from there. Later in history, Oliver Cromwell built his encampment on the site while laying siege to Pontefract Castle.
The good news is that you don’t have to be laying siege to be able to appreciate the natural beauty of Castleford or the wonderful experiences of enjoying Medusa Juice’s premium e-liquids and gear while visiting there.

Queen’s Park and more

Some of the more notable facts about Queen’s Park in Castleford is that the bandstand was erected in 1900 and was quite a popular venue for entertainment. Until the 1950’s Brass Bands could be heard there every Sunday throughout the summer months but are now restricted to four or five events a year. Bowling greens were opened in 1909 to be followed later by tennis courts.
To this day the park is a pleasure to visit and despite all the local government cutbacks, vandalism and theft (someone even stole a park bench) it still appears to thrive. The ‘Friends of the Park’ run a café, toilets and information centre located next to the bowling green near the tennis courts that is open most afternoons. The tea room contains many photos of old Castleford and plenty of good company. They are also hoping to open a reserve for wildlife in the near future and new members are always welcome.
But it certainly is not the only place to see while you’re in Castleford, for instance, there’s also some lovely landmarks such as Castleford Bridge, Pontefract Castle, The Henry Moore Sculpture to name but a few. Depending on what sort of holiday you want to have, most everything can be found either in Castleford, or very nearby. For those looking for something outdoors to enjoy, you can try Xscape Yorkshire, or they also have bowling and games indoors as well. Then too, be sure to check out Snowzone or the Whitwood Golf Club, or one of the well cared for parks in town. Just walking around in Castleford, you can find beauty in and around the centre.
I particularly loved the shopping in Castleford. Junction 32 Outlet Village is a wonderful place to get high end products for less. If you prefer something a bit more intimate, try one of the smaller shops, such as Indigo Unique Boutique or one of the other larger outfits like The Haribo Factory Outlet or Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre. You’re guaranteed to find something that strikes your fancy amongst the treasures on display.

Before you go

You can also enjoy some very fine dining or just grab a quick bite in Castleford. They have everything from coffee houses to pubs to luxury restaurants. You can choose what suits you best and when while there.
But whatever you do, do not forget to take along the latest, greatest e-liquids, equipment and clothing from any or all of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops located in King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Norwich. If you can’t make the shops, order online or through Facebook. Get the best for less!

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