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Charge into Chard

The Somerset town of Chard is located near the Devon border. The town has the unusual feature of two streams running either side of the central Fore Street, one of which eventually flows into the Bristol Channel and the other reaches the English Channel. Chard is also two hundred and twenty-four miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough. I recommend a trip to one of our stores to stock up on your favourite e-liquids as well as checking out the latest addition and new offers available. And whether you visit in person or online, be sure to take a look at our new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories

History and more

The town was formerly known as Cerden or Cerdre and it takes its name from the Old English ‘ceart’ and ‘renn’ meaning “house on rough ground”.
Chard began as a Saxon settlement and was held be the Bishop of Wells before the Norman Conquest in the 11th century. The Domesday book of 1086 records Chard as a large village at the time.
The town’s trade increased rapidly in the Middle Ages and Chard held weekly markets as well as annual fairs, a sign of the town’s importance as a trading centre. By the 14th century the wool trade was the town’s main industry with several watermills nearby powering wooden hammers for pulling the wool.
In 1577 a fire destroyed most of Chard and the town needed to be rebuilt after the disaster. Waterloo House, Manor Court House and many other buildings still present in modern day Chard were constructed at this time.
During the English Civil War Chard was damaged as both sides pillaged the town and King Charles I stayed in the town for a week in 1644.
When the Duke of Monmouth staged a rebellion to overthrow King James II some men form Chard joined his rebel army. After the Duke was defeated, treason trials took place at Chard and twelve men were executed in the town.
The 19th century was a time for new transportation and industrial growth in Chard. The town became a centre for lace production with multiple factories being built and new workers drawn to the town. The Chard Canal was completed in 1842 and the Chard Branch Line was finished in 1860, connecting the London and South Western Railway with the Bristol and Exeter Railway.
Chard also has a place in aviation and medical history. The Victorian aeronautical pioneer John Stringfellow worked on the Aerial Steam Carriage, a steam powered flying machine which was demonstrated achieving brief flight in 1848. James Gillingham from Chard pioneered the development of artificial limbs and some of his work is on display in the Chard Museum.
During World War II Chard was part of the Taunton Stop Line, a defensive line of pillboxes and anti-tank obstacles. These fortified machine gun posts and traps were intended to slow the advance of enemy troops in the event of a land invasion.
The textile and lace industry came to an end in Chard with the closure of the last mill in the 20th century. But the town still has a thriving engineering industry manufacturing goods as diverse as vacuum cleaners and light rail systems.
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About town

A great place to start when visiting Chard is the beautiful scenery and wonderful countryside that surrounds the town. There are plenty of walking and cycling trails to follow along with a variety of parks, gardens and nature reserves nearby.
For an award winning combination of formal and informal horticulture, visit Forde Abbey And Gardens. The nine hundred year old garden is spread across thirty acres and features topiary lined vistas, a walled garden and millions of plants intended to continue the spirit of this historic garden. The Abbey itself is also well worth exploring to learn more about the building’s fascinating past which has included monks, philosophers, politicians and rebellion.
There is more natural wonder and wildlife at Chard Reservoir and the Ferne Animal Sanctuary. Follow one of the walking or cycling trails around the reservoir nature reserve to explore this woodland setting and the wonderful water birds and fish that live there. And Ferne Animal Sanctuary is home to domestic and farm animals in need where visitors can enjoy the tranquil parkland while supporting this good cause.
There is almost no end to the wonderful countryside and tranquil settings around Chard. Cricket St Thomas Gardens and Lakes are a Grade II listed garden and lake featuring woodland walks as well as a tea room. Or visit Barrington Court in nearby Ilminster to explore the work of influential horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll.
Check out Chard Museum to learn more about the town’s past. Run by a team of dedicated volunteers, the museum is home to a number of displays and artefacts exploring the history of the area. There’s even an exhibition on the pioneering artificial limbs developed by James Gillingham during the Victorian Era.
Nearby Perry’s Cider Brewery, located in a picturesque village not far from town, includes a cider industry museum as well as tasting area and tea room.

Finally, remember this

The town has plenty to offer visitors, including a great selection of bars, restaurants and shops. While exploring Chard take a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough or visit online to explore our fantastic range of e-liquids. It’s well worth visiting regularly to keep up to date with contests, deals and the latest additions to our selection.

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