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Check Out Chatteris

As some of you may know, the Cambridgeshire Fens were being drained at the start of the 1700s. Obviously, this whole area was rich, fertile farmland which would yield even better crops, once they were completely turned over to agriculture and were no longer so susceptible to flood.

Chatteris, being one of the four major market towns in the area became a hub for business and farming. It also was ideally located as a centre for travel between all of the markets, making it well sought after as a residence for businessmen and farmers alike.

Then And Now

Today it is within easy driving distance to any of the four Medusa Juice locations, be it the King’s Lynn Vape Shop or kiosk in the bus station or the shops in Peterborough and Norwich. Whichever one you’d like to visit, you’re gonna find great deals and excellent products.

While most of the town was made up of Medieval and Georgian architecture, unfortunately due to fires in both 1706 and 1864 much of it was destroyed which left it with mostly Victorian and newer buildings. What a shame, so much was lost in both of those fires. Although there is evidence of the Neolithic period still around in Chatteris, a great deal of its older history will be forever lost to us.

Early Settlers would have been supervised by the Chatteris Abbey. The Abbey was a Benedictine nunnery which was dedicated to St. Mary. Most of the area was on a raised island of sorts prior to the drainage of the Fens. Local people here paid tithes to Chatteris Abbey and there has been a long standing tradition of produce market being held in the centre of town. Farmers and tradesman alike often put their displays out for the public to buy on market days. The produce was a major staple of the market and the sisters from the Abbey acquired most of their vegetables and fruits there every Friday.

Market Town

The market is still there on Friday and you can have a good time visiting the stalls each week. Because Chatteris is relatively small compared to some of its larger cities, you can still enjoy the small town feeling while being able to avail yourself of the urban shopping, dining and living easily found here.


You can find things to do and see without problems here and certainly at affordable prices. It’s a great place to take the whole family for a day trip or maybe a weekend getaway. Whatever you’re in the mood for, be sure to add a trip to one of the Medusa Juice locations, be it the shop in King’s Lynn or the kiosk in the bus station, the shop in Peterborough or Norwich. Our staff will be there waiting to help you get the best deal on everything you need for vaping.

Come Back Again

Of course, no trip to Chatteris is complete without a visit of the Ouse Washes. These are a non-profit washland reserve which helps protect the habitat and breeding grounds for countless birds, wildlife and insects. It’s easy to lose track of the time at the Washes. My family loves going there and we always find new things to appreciate when we go.

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