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There’s More To Cheltenham Than Football

The historic town of Cheltenham rose from humble beginnings after the discovery of mineral springs in the Eighteenth century. Becoming a popular spa town, Cheltenham boosted its reputation for wealth and refinement. The Medusa Juice store in Peterborough is just two hours away, making it an ideal trip to compare one historic town with another while checking out the wonderful selection at a Medusa Juice Vape shop.
Cheltenham is located on the edge of the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The region holds a wide range of spectacular locations, historical sights and outdoor activities.
Possibly the most famous event held in Cheltenham is the Cheltenham Festival, a National Hunt meeting which has been running for over a hundred and fifty years. Held every March at the Cheltenham Racecourse, this horse racing extravaganza includes the Gold Cup and is well worth checking out.

Take a good look around

In keeping with its historical role as a spa town, Cheltenham remains an important centre of arts, recreation and cultural events. The town hosts multiple world renowned festivals, the oldest of which is the Cheltenham Music festival, formed in 1945. The Music festival is renowned for premieres of contemporary music.
The Cheltenham Literature Festival was soon added to the calendar in 1949. Held every year in October the event attracts many prominent literary figures and over a hundred thousand visitors.
In more recent years, these well established Cheltenham festivals have been joined by thee more events. The Cheltenham Science Festival has a variety of free activities and hosts an international science-based talent competition. The Cheltenham Jazz Festival is one of the UKs most popular Jazz Festivals, famous for its celebration of all things Jazz. And most recently, the Cheltenham Foods and Drink Festival focuses on local foods, drinks and restaurants. The outdoor festival has a mixture of national and regional exhibitors and is an ideal event for fans of delicious food.

In the light of day

The History of Cheltenham is tied to the discovery of a natural mineral spring three hundred years ago. Although there was a settlement there for almost a thousand years before that, it remained a small market town until flourishing into a health and holiday spa resort.
Grand ballrooms, sweeping promenades and lavish gardens were built around the spring and can still be enjoyed today. These beautiful vistas attracted the gentry and nobility of the time and soon people were traveling far and wide to enjoy the waters and experience the ornate scenery. The Cheltenham waters can still be sampled from the Pittville Pump Room. This incredible, domed building with its iconic columns contains the original, marble pump used to draw water. Surrounded by a historic park, the Pittville Pump Room remains a part of Cheltenham history and a popular tourist destination to this day.

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Whether you’re visiting Cheltenham for the history, festivals or the views, be sure to check out the town centre for some retail therapy. The wide array of shops is befitting the town’s reputation for luxury and refinement, including Regents Arcade and Cavendish House, a department store founded in 1823.

By the light of the moon

There is plenty to do in Cheltenham during the day, but the nightlife is equally rich. The town is a smorgasbord of clubs, pubs, wine bars and restaurants. There’s something for everyone, from wholesome local fair, cuisine from around the world and Le Champignon Sauvage, a Michelin two-star restaurant.
But, aside from the restaurants, festivals and shopping it’s the history and beauty of Cheltenham that keeps people coming back for more. With a number of museums, there is plenty of historical interest to attract young and old alike. The Wilson, formerly the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, is the most prominent of these museums, famous for its collection that includes paintings, jewellery, carvings and other items of historical and international importance.
As if there wasn’t already enough going on for fans of culture, the town is also home to many theatres. Plays, musical acts and comedians from around the world perform there. The most famous of these theatres is the Everyman which has been operating since the 1890s.

Before signing off

For those who enjoy the great outdoors Cheltenham and the surrounding countryside have a host of attractions to choose from. Walks with Hawks offers the opportunity to handle and even fly a variety of birds of prey, including eagles, hawks and owls. A truly awe-inspiring encounter.
If hiking is to your liking then the Cotswold Way has a phenomenal number of hiking trails to choose from. Starting around Cheltenham in the north and stretching as far south as Bath, theses routes deliver an incredible view of the picturesque Cotswold hills and the wildlife that calls this area home. And for those looking to enjoy the beauty of nature on a different level, the historic gardens provide a gorgeous, manicured sight. These green spaces include The Imperial Gardens and Pittville park where the iconic Pittville Pump Room is located.
The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway sets off from Cheltenham Race Course, providing spectacular views of the Cotswolds from these authentic, heritage trains. This steam railway is fun for all the family and great for cloud chasers of another kind.
Whether you’re enjoying the historic splendour, the gorgeous countryside or taking in one of the many festivals, there is something in Cheltenham for everyone.

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