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Checking out Christchurch

The popular harbour town and tourist destination of Christchurch sits on the south coast of England between Bournemouth and the New Forest. The town is one hundred and eighty-five miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough where you can check out the latest additions to our amazing selection of e-liquids. By visiting one of our stores in person or shopping at the convenient online store you can also explore our range of vaping accessories and clothing line.

The town and history

Christchurch was originally known as Twynham but adopted its current name after the building of the priory in the 11th century.
The town was founded by missionaries following St Birinus in around 650 AD. The settlement was well located on the land between the rivers Avon and Stour which were already in use carrying people and goods around the region. The harbour at Christchurch was in great demand during the Anglo-Saxon period as boats from the continent could easily travel there before heading up one of the rivers.
Alfred the Great considered Christchurch strategically important toward the end of the 9th century, with the threat of invasion by the Danes. He had the town fortified and ordered a defensive wall built around the community.
In the 12th century a wooden fort was built at Christchurch by Richard de Redvers. This castle was later rebuilt in stone by Richard’s son, Baldwin de Redvers, when the throne was contested after the death of King Henry I.
During the English Civil War the castle at Christchurch was originally occupied by Royalists and changed hands several times after sieges and in the face of overwhelming opposition. For most of the war the Parliamentarians held the site and in 1652 Cromwell ordered the castle destroyed to prevent such a powerful stronghold from falling into Royalist hands.
The importance of the harbour began to decline over time as shifting sandbars at the harbour entrance made it inaccessible to larger vessels. In the 17th and 18th centuries a number of solutions were proposed, including cutting a new harbour entrance through the nearby headland, but none were ever successfully implemented.
Smuggling became one of the most lucrative industries in Christchurch in the following centuries. The illegal trade generated a great deal of money and in 1784 a conflict between a gang of smugglers and customs officers led to the Battle of Mudeford.
The arrival of the railway brought trade and tourism to Christchurch. The town had enjoyed success as a resort during the Georgian period, but the railway opened the town to visitors from far and wide.
After the outbreak of World War II, Christchurch Airfield became home to a factory producing aircraft for the RAF. And the town itself was fortified against possible invasion with pillboxes, tank traps and other defences built along the coast.

Today Christchurch remains a popular tourist destination surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery and historic landmarks. Be sure to bring your vaping equipment to enjoy your favourite e-liquids as you tour the historic sights of Christchurch. The Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough is just a few hours away and I recommend taking a look at the fantastic selection of e-liquids. Check out our vaping accessories and new clothing line for a great selection of t-shirts and hoodies with eye-catching designs.Whether you visit in person or use our online store, be sure to keep up to date with the latest deals and explore the newest additions to our collection.

Scenic and Sunny

When visiting Christchurch why not start with one of the six sandy beaches nearby. The picturesque coastline boasts incredible views over to the Isle of Wight and the beaches each have their own character so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. There are rugged stretches of shoreline and peaceful, sweeping bays perfect for walking or enjoying the sun. And Hengistbury Head Beach has a wide variety of food and drink as well as easy access to coastal hiking and the Outdoor Education Centre.
If you want to get out on the water there are a wide variety of activities to take part in. Take a yacht or boat tour to enjoy the coastline from a different perspective. Or enjoy the many water sports available, including surfing, bodyboarding and kayaking as well as jet ski and windsurfing.
Two of the most prominent sights in the area are Highcliffe Castle and Christchurch Castle. Take a tour around Highcliffe grand, 19th century Romantic architecture and admire the views out to the Isle of Wight. Or explore the remains of Christchurch’s Norman castle and learn more about the military history of the region.
The castles aren’t the only places of historical interest in the area. Take a look at the historic quays of Christchurch or Mudeford for charming scenery as well as fish and chips or a spot of tea. All a short walk from the beach or town centre.
For a look back at Christchurch’s past visit Red House Museum and Gardens. This former Georgian workhouse focuses on local history with a variety of exhibition all surrounded by a picturesque garden. And if you’re into motorcycles or flying machines, I recommend exploring The Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum or nearby Bournemouth Aviation Museum.
There is plenty to do around Christchurch, including rock climbing or the dry ski slopes as well as parks, gardens and a nature reserve to explore. And there’s also a nearby Steam Railway at Exbury Gardens so visitors can enjoy the beautiful flowers and riverside view from a steam train.

One more thing

While you’re enjoying everything that Christchurch has to offer, consider taking a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Visit regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers and contests as well as checking out the new juices being added to our great selection. Whether you take the trip or visit online, be sure to check out our amazing range of vaping accessories and new clothing line. You’ll find everything you need for the perfect vaping experience.

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