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Touring Clare

The picturesque market town of Clare sits beside the River Stour in Suffolk and has won numerous awards and accolades. Village of the year in 2010, Best Large Village in the Anglia in Bloom contest in 2011 and one of The Sunday Times top 50 rural locations in 2015. Clare is also just fifty-five miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in King’s Lynn or sixty miles from our store in Norwich. I recommend taking a trip to one of our stores to stock up on your favourite e-liquids as well as checking out the latest addition and new offers available. And whether you visit in person or use our convenient online store, be sure to take a look at our amazing new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories.

The history of Clare

Clare is steeped in history and there have been people in the region since prehistoric times as evidenced by archaeological discoveries nearby. Neolithic flint arrowheads have been discovered in Clare and a stone axe from the same period was found in the River Stour. Bronze age barrows and other Bronze and early-Iron Age structures have also been unearthed.
The Romans had a small town nearby on the junction of two major roads. A variety of Roman artefacts have been discovered in and around Clare, including coins, urns and a bronze figurine.
The town’s name is believed to be derived from the Latin word meaning ‘clear’ and referring to the pure waters of the Chiton Stream that flows through Clare. The Domesday book makes mention of the town, indicating that it was a prominent place with a large population and busy market.
It is believed that the noble De Clare family took their name from the town of Clare which was one of the estates given to them after the Norman Conquest of England. The family went on to have a prominent role in English history including being involved with the creation of the Magna Carta. Elizabeth De Clare, 11th Lady of Clare, was founder of Clare College, Cambridge.
The Normans built a grand castle at Clare which was developed and reinforced over several years. The castle fell into disrepair in the 15th century with timbers and stone being taken from the structure and used in local buildings and road repairs. Although pieces of this once incredible structure still remain, it’s difficult to imagine the scale of the castle at its peak and the hundreds of people who worked within its walls.
Like many towns in the region, Clare was a successful manufacturer of woollen garments during the medieval period. By the 15th century Suffolk produced more cloth than any other county and river towns like Clare were centres of production and grew rapidly during this era.
The cloth produced in Clare eventually fell out of favour as newer fabrics became available. And although the town remained an important trading hub, the weaving industry declined until it was all but gone in the 19th century. Much of Clare today is reminiscent of the golden era of cloth production, with plenty of 16th and 17th century buildings adding to the town’s character and charm.
During World War II the nearby RAF Ridgewell was home to the Royal Air Force and later the United States Army Air Forces. Today two memorials stand on the site, dedicated to the men of the RAF squadron and the American Bomb Group who were stationed there.

Other interesting things

While taking in the sight of this picturesque, historic town, be sure to bring your vaping equipment so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids. The Medusa Juice Vaping Stores in Norwich or King’s Lynn are a short trip away and well worth a visit to check out the amazing range of e-liquids as well as accessories and our new clothing line. Come back regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers and contest. You’ll find everything you need in our stores for the best vaping experience.
A great place to start you visit to Clare is the Clare Castle Country Park. A two minute walk from the town centre, this beautiful park contains the ruins of the once magnificent castle as well as the old railway station. On top of being a great opportunity to look back at Clare’s grand past, the park also boasts incredible views of nature. The River Stour winds through open green spaces filled with a variety of paths and places to relax and enjoy the scenery, including picnic areas and a children’s adventure playground.
The Castle Country Park is also the starting point of the Circular Walk, a trail through the countryside around Clare. The route will take you past local farms, babbling streams and Clare Camp, an ancient Roman and Iron Age location.
History is everywhere in Clare, from the remains of a once glorious castle to the medieval buildings that still fill the town. The Clare Priory was originally founded in the 13th century and is still home to Augustine Friars. Clare Ancient House Museum is one of the oldest houses in Suffolk and the museum contains exhibits on the history of Clare as well as an opportunity to explore the building itself.
As well as the usual retail stores, Clare also contains many independent boutiques and antique stores. Perfect for anyone looking to take home a piece of history or a unique memento.

Before leaving

Filled with a wealth of history and scenic walks, Clare is also home to pubs and eateries if you’re looking for a taste of local food and drink. While enjoying everything that Clare has to offer, take a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Store in King’s Lynn or Norwich to explore our fantastic range of e-liquids. With new juices being added all the time as well as offers and contests it’s well worth visiting our store regularly or checking us out online. Medusa Juice also offer a fantastic new line of clothing if you’re looking for well-made hoodies and t-shirts with great designs.

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