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Come to Clevedon

Located in North Somerset, the coastal town of Clevedon lies along the Severn Estuary, nestled among beautiful hills. The town has existed for centuries but grew in prominence during the Victorian era when it became a popular seaside resort. Clevedon is also just one hundred and seventy miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough, so take a trip out and explore the amazing range of e-liquids available. And while you’re at our store be sure to sign up to the contests, check out the latest offers and take a look at our range of vaping accessories and new clothing line.

History and happenings

Clevedon’s name is derived from Old English and translates as “Cleft between hills”. And the town can trace its history back thousands of years with the nearby Wain’s Hill fort being constructed during the Iron Age.
The settlement that became the Clevedon we know today existed by the 11th century and is recorded in the Domesday Book as a relatively small village. The two rivers around Clevedon, the Land Yeo and Middle Yeo, allowed the town to make use of water and tidal mills to help boost their wool industry. The Tuck Mills to the south of Clevedon used water powered hammers for fulling cloth as far back as the Middle Ages.
For most of its history Clevedon remained an agricultural village and it wasn’t until the Victorian Era that the town started to develop into a seaside resort. Doctors at the time were promoting the health benefits of sea air and Victorians flocked to the coast to take the waters. Clevedon was one of the picturesque coastal towns to benefit from the seaside holiday boom and the town expanded rapidly. To accommodate the new visitors, hotels were built along with a saltwater bath house, bandstand and bathing machines on the main beach.
The arrival of the railway in 1847 helped the tourism industry as people visited the town from far and wide. As well as being linked to the national rail network, Clevedon was also part of the Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway which connected the three, picturesque coastal towns of Clevedon, Portishead and Weston-super-Mare.
As Clevedon continued to grow and accommodate new tourist attractions, ornamental gardens were constructed as well as the Clevedon Pier. This pier is one of the earliest examples of a Victorian Pier and was considered one of the most beautiful piers in England. The pier also acted as a ferry port, serving paddle steamers for almost a hundred years.
Clevedon also played an important role in medical history. In the 1930s the Antibiotic Research Station in town became the first place to mass produce penicillin which was later used during World War II to combat infection.
Today Clevedon remains a popular tourist destination. Visitors are attracted to the beautiful beaches and sea air as well as the town’s many activities and historic sites. And Clevedon is also an ideal location for visiting many of the other great attractions in North Somerset.
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About Town

It’s difficult to miss the popular Victorian pier that stretches out into the Bristol Channel when you first visit Clevedon. This remarkable structure is a great spot for fishing and the heritage centre at the entrance includes fascinating displays on the town’s history.
The pier is located at the heart of the Clevedon seafront where you’ll find ornamental gardens and a Victorian bandstand as well as cafes, restaurants and pubs. Visitors can stroll along the promenade or the sand and pebble beach while enjoying traditional seaside treats like fish and chips or ice cream.
The coastline also provides opportunities to get out on the water. There are local clubs for sailing or canoeing as well as boat trips available from the end of the pier during the summer.
Alongside the town’s marine lake you’ll find Salthouse Fields which features a miniature railway as well as picnic spots, skateboard park and a play area. The Salthouse Fields also host a funfair in addition to the annual Clevedon flower show.
Enjoy the historic scenery and beautiful surroundings of Clevedon by following one of the many walking trails including the heritage walk, poets walk and lovers walk. Heritage walk offers the opportunity to learn more about the town’s past while Poets Walk includes picnic spots and great sea views along a coastal trail where Coleridge and Tennyson are said to have found inspiration.
History is all around you as you explore this Victorian town. Visit Clevedon Court to discover more about this fascinating 18th century terraced garden and 14th century manor house with its large collection of artwork and artefacts. And the Curzon Cinema in town is the oldest purpose built cinema still operating in Britain today and features beautiful, classical style architecture.
As well as big name high street stores, Clevedon also boasts a variety of independent shops. Visitors are sure to find something interesting and unique as they explore Hill Road and the larger stores around the Victorian Clock Tower in the centre of town.

And on your way through

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