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It seems that the village we call Colsterworth dates back to the Roman era. The village is close to Ermine Street, the old Roman road that ran from London to Lincoln and to the Roman road known as High Dyke. In support of this, in 1931, a Roman smelting furnace was found at Colsterworth, as was a small defended Late Iron Age settlement in the 1940s.

The name Colsterworth is from the Old English ‘colestre’ + ‘worth’ for “enclosure of the charcoal burners”; the name appears as “Colsteuorde” in the Domesday Book.

The town of Colsterworth is raised upon a slight limestone ridge, with the River Witham running below on the western side and bisecting the two original two villages. The old hamlet of Twyford has been incorporated by the growth of Colsterworth, but the name survives in the names of some houses and in Twyford Wood.

Then And Now

We once called the area between Colsterworth Church and Twyford, Dunkirk. Colsterworth, Woolsthorpe and Twyford are all separately entered in the Domesday Book of 1086. The village belonged to the historical wapentake of Winnibriggs and Threo.

Enclosures of the land in 1808, allowed the local landlords to increase their holdings. Thirty villagers also received land, but some sold on to avoid the compulsory expense of fencing it.

As it turned out, the position of Colsterworth on the Great York Road, which eventually became the Great North Road, was suddenly important because the turnpike road was completed in 1752.

Colsterworth was appointed a post town, and by the mid-19th century had a thriving coaching trade. There were numerous inns, as many as ten at one time. However, in 1935, the village was bypassed.

Subsequently, the old coaching inns have been transformed into houses or business properties, such as The George House and The Sun Pottery, or they were totally demolished.

Notable Mentions

Today, the White Lion public house, standing opposite the parish church of St John the Baptist, now serves the population. In the late 30s, ironstone workings began. These were later closed in the 1970s, and the site was rehabilitated.

One mile west of Twyford Wood, Colsterworth was the site of a Second World War airfield RAF North Witham, and still retains military artefacts, including open runways and a derelict control tower.

After the war, the grassy part of the airfield was planted with oaks and conifers. This grassland habitat is home to a regionally important colony of dingy and grizzled skipper butterflies.

Some notable things about Colsterworth is that in 1884 the Rev. J. Mirehouse, was responsible for the Home Office Baby publicity stunt while still rector of Colsterworth. And don’t forget that
the former Lincoln City footballer Ayden Duffy was brought up in Colsterworth as well. Yep, that’s all I got so if you were looking for some lengthy list of things we know about Colsterworth, you’ll have to look elsewhere, I’m afraid. But I can tell you that you won’t find better products or prices on all things vape related than you’ll find at any Medusa Juice outlet!

Methodism came to Colsterworth about 1795. Isn’t that always the way? The present Methodist church in Back Lane dates back to the 1830s and is part of the Grantham and Vale of Belvoir Methodist Circuit.

Hit It Hard!

Economically speaking, there isn’t a great deal of employment opportunities in the village itself. During, and for short while after the Second World War, there was work available at the ironstone excavations, but after operations ceased, the site was filled in and levelled.

A couple of places offer jobs. A tyre depot and Christian Salvesen food cold-store are located in town and so do provide a chance to find employment.. Farming, the traditional occupation that previously absorbed most of the available workforce, also still provides some employment.For instance, at the Openfield grain cooperative on the former RAF station there are some jobs. There is also occasionally work to be had at fast-food restaurants Little Chef, OK Diner and Travelodge.

Colsterworth offers village a post office, a surgery, Co-op store and yes, there’s even a hairdresser. The Co-op has a greengrocer, butcher and fishmonger mobile shops. There is a mobile library service. Other facilities included in the village is a sports and social club, a village hall, a youth centre that doubles as a nursery, and three playgrounds.

So even though the town is small, it’s a nice place to live and to bring up your family. It’s also a great place to enjoy the joy that can be had by vaping the latest and greatest flavours of e-liquid from Medusa Juice.

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