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Corby is a medium sized town in the county of Northamptonshire, England. According to the figures released in 2010, Corby has the fastest growing population in both Northamptonshire and the whole of England. So, there must be something happening here that’s drawing the nation’s attention, other than being voted the unhappiest place and having too many grumpy old men! Certainly there’s no shortage of exciting games and rides happening here. Whether it’s go-karting, simulated Grand-Prix racing, or the real oval track racing experience you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Corby.

Corby was at one time locally known as “Little Scotland”. This was due to the large number of Scottish migrant workers who flocked to Corby for its steelworks. However, Corby has recently undergone a large regeneration process due to the opening of Corby railway station

The town and surrounding area is quite old. Both, Mesolithic and Neolithic artefacts have been found in the area surrounding Corby. There have also been human remains found which date back to the Bronze Age. These were found at Cowthick in 1970.


Our first real evidence of there being a permanent settlement on this site comes from the eighth century when Danish invaders arrived and the settlement became known as “Kori’s by” or Kori’s settlement. We know that it was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as “Corbei”. Corby’s emblem, the raven, derives from an alternative meaning of this word.

Henry III granted Corby the right to hold two annual fairs and a market in 1226. In 1568 Corby was granted a charter by Elizabeth I that exempted local landowners from tolls and dues. She gave all men the right to refuse to serve in the local militia. A popular legend is that the Queen was hunting in Rockingham Forest when she either fell from her horse or became trapped in a bog whilst riding. Upon being rescued by villagers from Corby she granted the charter in gratitude for her rescue. Another popular explanation is that it was granted as a favour to her alleged lover Sir Christopher Hatton.

Every twenty years, the Corby Pole Fair is an event that has taken place since 1862 in celebration of the charter. According to a newspaper report dated 14 June of 1862 which focused on the extravagances of the fair, the fugitive slave John Anderson was described as being educated in the Corby British School, which gave the town an unusual link to slavery in the United States.

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We have proof that the local area has been worked for iron ore since Roman times. With the discovery of major ironstone beds, the ironstone industry developed in the 19th century with the coming of the railways. By the year 1910, an ironstone works had been established. 1931 saw Corby as a small village with a population of around 1,500 citizens living there. It grew very quickly into a reasonably sized industrial town, when the owners of the ironstone works, the steel firm Stewarts & Lloyds, decided to build a large integrated ironstone and steel works in town.

Construction in 1934 drew workers from all over the country including many workers from the depressed west of Scotland and Irish labourers. The first steel was produced in October 1935 and for decades afterwards the steel works dominated the town. By 1939, the population had grown to around 12,000, at which time Corby was thought to be the largest “village” in the country, but it was at that point that Corby was re-designated an urban district. Typical, isn’t it? You just get something working one way and they change it up on you.


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During the Second World War, most suspected that the Corby steelworks would be a target for German bombers, but in the event there were only a few bombs dropped by solitary planes and there were no casualties. There may be a perfectly logical and very clever reason for this, however. It may very well be because the entire area was blanketed in huge dense black, low-lying clouds created artificially by intentionally burning oil and latex to hide the glowing Bessemer converter furnaces at the steelworks from German bomber crews.

The only known remaining scars from those German attacks can be found in the form of bullet holes which are visible on the front fascia of the old post office in Corby village. The Corby steelworks made a notable contribution to the war effort by manufacturing the steel tubes used in Operation Pluto (Pipe Line Under the Ocean) to supply fuel to Allied forces on the European continent.

In 1950, Corby was then designated a New Town with William Holford as its architect. In 1951, he prepared the development plan with a car-friendly layout and many areas of open space and woodland. In 1952, Holford produced the town centre plan and in 1954 the layout for the first 500 houses. Corby then underwent its second wave of expansion, mainly from Scotland.

One Last Thing

The Savoy and Core cinema provide excellent venues for theatre and entertainment of all sorts. Corby hadn’t slacked on its duty to the townspeople to provide arts and entertainment. They also have fantastic parks and wildlife shelters. You can go boating while in town, walk the stone streets soaking up the town’s ambiance or sit in a pub, go bowling, play tennis and a hundred other recreational activities. But keep in mind that whatever you choose will go better with Medusa Juice e-liquids.

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