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Coventry, it’s not just for naked ladies

Located sixty-seven miles from King’s Lynn, home to the original Medusa Juice Vape shop, Coventry is a great place to spend some time away and an excellent point to start your tour of one or all of the Medusa Juice stores, where you can get all of your favourite e-juices for the best price in the United Kingdom.
Coventry is the ninth largest city in England and historically a part of Warwickshire, it’s the twelfth largest city in Great Britain. It’s history dates back to a Roman settlement along the River Sowe and a Saxon Nunnery. An interesting combination here that would later become what we know as the city of Coventry.

Come on and see what’s happening

During the 14th century, Coventry was a well established area dealing in the cloth trade. A great deal of its prosperity is owed to this. It was also a vital import town and gained its official City Charter in 1345. The 18th and 19th centuries found Coventry’s main trade changed to the watch and clock manufacturing. When this commerce came under too much competition, they changed their factories to make bicycles and then motor bikes as well. By the 20th century, Coventry was a major force in the British motor industry. Ever changing and evolving, this area is still a wonderful place to work and live.
Coventry was severely damaged in 1940, when it was bombed by the Germans in what became known as the Coventry Blitz. Over 4000 houses were damaged or destroyed as well as three quarters of the city’s industrial buildings. In typical British fashion, they carried on, repaired, replaced and thrived, growing into the city it is today
Religion played a large part in the history of this city and you can find proof of that all around you here. If you’re interested in finding out more about how and where these churches and cathedrals made their impacts, you will want to tour some of them. Here’s a beginner’s list for you. Coventry Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church, CLM Church, The Parish Church of St John The Baptist, Whitefriars Monastery and Charterhouse Priory.
Some of the other notable and interesting landmarks include St. Mary’s Guildhall, Cook Street Gate, Lady Godiva Statue, Historic Spon Street, Lunt Roman Fort and the Sir Frank Whittle Statue.

From balloons to bingo

If you’re looking to take the whole family out for some fun, there’s no end of possibilities to be found here in Coventry. From Escape rooms like Escape Live Coventry to Escape Reality, Clue HQ, and Mapcar Exit, you can leave your daily lives behind and enjoy the joy that is escapism. There’s also cinemas for catching a film or two in such lovely venues as Odeon Cinema and Showcase Cinema de Lux. If you fancy your chances of winning a little extra cash, check out one of the casinos like Grosvenor Casino Coventry or Genting Casino and Gala Bingo. If you win, be sure to use those winnings to purchase some of the newest e-juices from Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough, King’s Lynn or Norwich. You can’t go wrong and while you’re there be sure to sign up for the latest contests.
If you’re the outdoorsy type, Coventry has plenty to offer you in that area as well. Spend an hour or two riding at Hoofin-About Horse Riding Holidays. Or you can rent a fun car at Revival Cars and drive around looking as cool as they come. There’s also tours by plane available at Airbase – The Home of Basic Flight, Coventry Aeroplane Club, or perhaps you want to be a bit more adventurous and go up, up and away in a balloon, if so, try Virgin Balloon Flights. You can also go by boat at Coventry Valley Cruises or just take a walking tour with A Coventry Way. However you choose to see Coventry, you won’t be disappointed in what you find there.
One of the more unique museums that I enjoyed in Coventry was the Coventry Music Museum. I would also highly recommend stopping in to see Midland Air Museum, Electric Railway Museum, and the Weaver’s House. If you haven’t had your fill of museums by then, there’s also Coventry Watch Museum Project Limited and Coventry Transport Museum.
Sgt Bilko’s Vintage Emporium and The Phil Silvers Archival Museum is good for a few hours of entertainment as well.

Where the cool people go

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Lynchgate Cottages, so here’s my mention of it. It’s a lovely place to visit and you can sit and enjoy your favourite flavoured e-liquid from Medusa Juice while there. Why not end your tour with a trip to one of the stores and you can see for yourself why there’s no better place to get your vape needs met.

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