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Dereham’s Story

For a town as rich in ancient history, Dereham has a lot of new things happening in and around the area. Located fifteen miles from Norwich and twenty-five miles east of King’s Lynn, it’s ideally located to visit either of the Medusa Juice Vape shops there. Both stores are well stocked with all of the equipment and best e-liquids to make your trip that much more enjoyable. While in Dereham, you can visit some of the local attractions ranging from landmarks, museums and tours. Some of the most popular things to see are Gressenhall Farm And Workhouse, Dereham Windmill, Bishop Bonner’s Cottage and the Mid-Norfolk Railway. If you enjoy learning about the local area, why not try one of the tours available? You can take a hot air balloon ride with Virgin Balloon Flights or a city tour with Norfolk Tours.

And then this

If shopping your thing, well, Dereham has that too, there’s Woad Centre and Runner’s Fine Art and Framing Gallery. Be sure you have plenty of e-juices packed so you can spend the whole day in Dereham, or you can take a short drive to the new Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Norwich or try King’s Lynn and stock up while checking out the latest sales on all of their fine Vapes, equipment and clothing. They always have some sort of give away going on too and you can contact them via Facebook as well as their website, but if you can, do stop in, because without a doubt, it’s well worth the drive.

Go for the gold

Maybe you fancy a bit of nightlife while in the Dereham area, well, they’ve got you covered there as well, with such places as The Gemini, The Millwright Arms, Number 40 Bar and The Railway Tavern. If you’re brave enough, there’s also a Karaoke Bar, Metro Nightclub And Bar. So, as you can see, there’s no shortage of choices.
Dereham has been the site of some rather interesting finds throughout history, including a Neolithic polished Greenstone Ax which was found there in 1986. That and in 2000, an enameled bridle bit which dated back to the Iron age was located in town too.
During the Napoleonic conflict of the 1700s, Dereham church’s bell tower was used as a prison for French prisoners of war. Dereham has a rich history throughout all of the major wars, including World War I when the old Vicarage was used as a Red Cross Hospital and World War II, which saw Dereham fortified to slow down any invasion by a German army.

On your way

Whatever you decide to see in Dereham, make sure you have your old Medusa Juice favourites or stock up on some new Vapes, all of which are TPD compliant and can be enjoyed wherever you go and whatever you do. The Medusa Juice signature line is simply better value for the money and with the cash you save, you can spend more time in Dereham.

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