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Doing it in Dewsbury

Dewsbury was a centre of considerable importance during Anglo-Saxon times. The ecclesiastical parish of Dewsbury encompassed Huddersfield, Mirfield and Bradford. Ancient legend has recorded that in 627 Paulinus, the first Bishop of York, preached here on the banks of the River Calder. Numerous Anglian graves have been found in Dewsbury and Thornhill. Like other towns in West Yorkshire, it’s a lovely scenic place to spend a day or several and you can enjoy it all the more when you are vaping the great e-liquids or using e-cigs from Medusa Juice Vape Shop.

Back in the day

Some of the visible stonework in the Dewsbury Minster is Saxon, and parts of the church also date to the 13th century. The tower houses “Black Tom”, a bell which is rung each Christmas Eve, one toll for each year since Christ’s birth, known as the “Devil’s Knell”, a tradition dating from the 15th century. Sir Thomas de Soothill donated the bell in penance for murdering a servant boy during a fit of rage.
Dewsbury market was established in the 14th century for local clothiers. Occurrences of the plague in 1593 and 1603 closed the market and it reopened in 1741.
By the time the Industrial Revolution arrived, Dewsbury was already a centre for the shoddy and mungo industries which recycled woollen items by mixing them with new wool and making heavy blankets and uniforms. The town benefited economically from the canal, its location at the heart of the Heavy Woollen District, and its proximity to coal mines. The railway arrived in 1848 when Dewsbury Wellington Road railway station on the London and North Western Railway opened; this is the only station which remains open.
Dewsbury is no stranger to turmoil. The town’s rapid expansion and commitment to industrialisation resulted in social instability. In the early 19th century, Dewsbury was a centre of Luddite opposition to mechanisation in which workers retaliated against the mill owners who installed textile machinery and smashed the machines which threatened their way of life. In the 1830s, Dewsbury was a centre of Chartist agitation.
After the year 2005, Dewsbury was labelled a troubled town with negative press reports and became “the town that dare not speak its name” after high-profile crimes brought it into the media spotlight. In June, a girl of twelve was charged with grievous bodily harm after attempting to hang a five-year-old boy from Chickenley.
On February nineteenth, 2008, a nine-year-old girl, Shannon Matthews, from the Moorside Estate, was reported missing. After a twenty-four day hunt attracted huge media and public attention nationally, she was found hidden in a flat in the Batley Carr area on fourteenth of March 2008. Her mother Karen Matthews, along with Michael Donovan, the uncle of her step-father Craig Meehan, were later found guilty of abduction and false imprisonment. They were both jailed for eight years, as part of a plot to claim the reward money for her safe return after pretending to have solved her disappearance. But don’t let the misfortune of the past keep you from experiencing the good things that Dewsbury has to offer today. And let’s not forget that it’s still a lovely, lively city where you can thoroughly enjoy vaping the great e-liquids from Medusa Juice Vape Shop. Use one of their premium e-cigs or other fantastic equipment and get the best possible deal.

Some strange happenings

Dewsbury is situated between Leeds and Bradford eight miles (thirteen km) to the north. Huddersfield is a similar distance to the southwest, and Wakefield is six miles (ten km) due east. Its proximity to these major urban centres, the M1 and M62 motorways and its position on the Huddersfield Line, served by the TransPennine Express, have made it extremely popular as a commuter town. Dewsbury is part of the West Yorkshire Urban Area, although its natural boundaries are not well defined, it has built up areas of the town running into Batley, Heckmondwike and Ossett.
But enough of the technical stuff, let’s talk about some fun times you can have in Dewsbury. You simply must visit Dewsbury Town Hall and Dewsbury Minster. If you have a chance, check out St Saviour’s Church too. If you’re looking for some family fun, there’s Crow’s Nest Park, Soft-play Toys4kids, Ltd. New Picture house, where the entire family can go watch the latest films and Crazy Kingdom. For Adults, try Mecca Bingo or one of the many pubs available, such as The Old Turk, The Shepherd’s Boy and The Scarborough.
Whatever type of food you crave, you can fill that craving in town. Local fare is served by The Gallery, Mim’s Cafe and Restaurant, Chell’s Deli and The Star Inn. You may also enjoy dining at the following places. There’s great food and service to be found at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Miller’s Bar and Restaurant, The Royal Oak or Bistro 42.
Be sure to take time out of your sightseeing to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea at Northern Tea House or Layne’s Espresso. You are in for a real treat at either of those fine establishments.
Dewsbury still houses a fine Flea Market and you really won’t want to miss it. Be sure to leave plenty of time when you visit Dewsbury Market and then you can stop by Church Supplies, which is a speciality shop. The great thing about Dewsbury is that it’s centrally located to so many things and places while still maintaining a small town feeling and yet offer things to do and see so that you’re never bored.

Before you go, remember this

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