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While Diss currently has at least nine churches including Church of England, I don’t want you to think that religion is the only thing happening in this Market town located in Norfolk. Far from it, actually. This area is steeped in agricultural richness which made it all the more alluring to other peoples, such as the Danes, Normans, etc. War here was a continual threat and most often a reality for the people who lived here.

We know that the town takes its name from dic, an Anglo-Saxon word meaning embankment or ditch. There are number of historic buildings in the town, which include an early 14th-century parish church, and also a museum.

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In the days of Edward the Confessor, Diss was part of the Hartismere hundred in Suffolk and was so recorded in the Domesday book. This isn’t probably anything you need to work about, but now you know. Diss was recorded as being in the king’s possession as demesne. This means it fell under the direct ownership of the Crown.

Diss was a wealthy area, although it was considered small and later it annexed in an area equal size so therefore the town doubled quickly. This, of course meant more taxes that could be collected, which in turn helped keep the king in the manner he was accustomed to .

In 1153, King Henry I granted Diss to Richard de Lucy. While we’re unsure if King Henry I gave it him for services rendered or as part of an inheritance, it’s been claimed that it was for his services to the king.

Lord FitzWalter obtained a charter of confirmation for a fair in 1299. The fair which would be held every year at his manor of Diss. It was agreed to be held around the feast of Saint Simon and Jude. Another interesting fact is the grant in 1298 to William Partekyn of Prilleston which allowed two homesteads in Diss to wash their wool in the Diss Meer cost them around a half mark of silver and, came on the express condition that the gross dye should be washed off first.

Services Rendered

Soon after the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, Edward Plantagenet, Duke of York and Earl of Rutland, came to hold Diss manor, hundred, and market. This was a major holding in that time and provided a nice income for Plantagenet.

Opposite the 14th-century parish church of St. Mary the Virgin stands a 16th-century building known as the Dolphin House. This was one of the most important buildings in the town in its heyday and it’s still a great place to visit. The impressive dressed-oak beams denote it as possibly a wool merchant’s house. It has also been a pub. These days, the Dolphin building now houses a number of small businesses.

The town’s marketplace, the geographical and social centre of the town sits adjacent to the Dolphin House. The market is held every Friday. A group of local traders sell fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and cheeses there every Friday. The charter granting the right for the market to take place there was issued by Richard the Lionheart. Nearby is the town’s post office and main shopping street. While strolling along Mere Street, you might want to take time to enjoy some of your Medusa Juice e-liquids or try out your latest gear or equipment from one of the four Medusa Juice Vape Shops located nearby.


Early in the year of 1871, there were substantial alterations made to a house in Mount Street. The workmen were removing the brick flooring of one of the ground floor rooms and excavating the soil beneath, to insert the joists of a boarded floor, when they discovered a hoard of coins.

Hidden beneath the bricks, was the original hard clay floor, and in the centre of the room, at about eighteen inches from the surface were the remains of an earthen vessel. This vessel contained over 300 coins. Except for two fine gold nobles, all of the coins were silver. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind finding a stash like that.

While visiting the Diss area, be sure to stop into King’s Lynn and see either of the two awesome Medusa Juice shops located there, or drive over to Norwich or Peterborough and pick up some great deals on all things Vape related.

Gillings Museum in Diss, is a wild, rag-tag place that will amaze and astound you. What sort of person does it take to put a place like this together is just one of the many questions you’ll find yourself asking as you tour the place. Be sure to take your kids as they’ll be lost in the complete wonder of it all too.

Diss has a lot going for it and not the least of that is the local people here. Warm and friendly, helpful and ready to tell you all about the area in which they live and work. So, if you have some spare time, have a coffee and chat with a friendly resident.

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