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Excited about Exeter

The beautiful cathedral city of Exeter is located on the River Exe in Devon. The city has plenty to see and do including activities, historical sites and a great range of eateries. Exeter is also just two hundred and thirty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Enjoy a commute to our shop to explore the fantastic selection of e-liquids available and check out the latest offers and contests. And whether you’re visiting in person or using our convenient online store, be sure to take a look at the accessories and new clothing line which includes hoodies and t-shirts with inspiring designs.
Exeter takes its name from an Old English phrase meaning fortified town on the river Exe. The city’s location surrounded by fertile land at the edge of a bountiful river made it an ideal location for an Iron Age settlement.
After the Romans arrived in Britain during the 1st century they established a fort in the area that was the base for an army of 5,000 men. A settlement grew around the fort which served as the tribal capital of the region. After the fort was abandoned the civilian settlement expanded into its grounds.

Normans and Saxons, oh my!

The Saxons took over the city after the end of the Roman occupation of Britain. In the 9th century Exeter was attacked and captured by Vikings who were driven out a year later by Alfred the Great, King of Wessex. To help defend the city from further attacks, new walls were built and reinforced.
Following the Norman Conquest in the 11th century, Exeter rebelled against William the Conqueror. The king’s forces lay siege to the city and accepted their surrender after eighteen days. To strength Norman control of the region, Exeter Castle was built, which can still be visited today.
An aqueduct supplied the city with pure drinking water during the medieval period. Carrying water from the springs in St Sidwell’s, the subterranean aqueduct system allowed the city to grow rapidly.
During the English Civil War Exeter was originally held by Parliamentarians before being captured by Royalists. The king’s forces remained in control of the city until near the end of the war when it was one of the last Royalist strongholds to fall into Parliamentarian hands. At this time Exeter was an economically powerful city with trade routes transporting wool and cloth around the world.


Exeter’s industry grew quickly during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. However the city’s distance from sources of coal and iron meant it struggled to develop further after steam power replaced water power. New canals and waterway redevelopment helped strengthen the city’s importance as a trading centre.
Much of the city centre was destroyed in air raids during the Second World War. In one raid on the fourth of May, 1942 many historic buildings were destroyed, the cathedral was damaged and one hundred fifty-six people were killed. Many more would have died if not for the work of the heavily outnumbered Polish 307th Squadron defending the city.
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One of the most prominent sights in Exeter is, of course, Exeter Cathedral. This beautiful Gothic structure is almost a thousand years old and there are guided tours of the city starting outside the cathedral, making it a great place to begin when you visit.

Gardens and parks

There is plenty of history to see as you stroll around the city. Why not take a tour of Exeter’s Underground Passages, these medieval tunnels are unique to the city as there’s nothing else like them elsewhere in Britain. Or if you prefer to stay above ground, you can visit the medieval Exe Bridge which is a short walk from the city centre.
The award winning Royal Albert Memorial Museum offers visitors the opportunity to explore Exeter’s rich past. The museum also has an exhibition of natural history to fascinate young and old alike. And for a more intimate look into the past, visit Topsham Museum which has displays on everything from local wildlife, shipbuilding and Vivien Leigh.
The city itself is surrounded by picturesque countryside with numerous walking trails. And inside Exeter you’ll find a host of beautiful parks and gardens such as Bicton Park and Botanical Gardens with its range of sculpted greenery and carefree open spaces for all to enjoy.If you’re feeling more adventurous you could visit one of the many paintball centres around Exeter. Or take a trip into the immersive world of virtual reality at Endurance VR. The Exeter Quay has a climbing centre that’s well worth a visit whether you’re an experience climber or a novice. And the Quay is also home to restaurants, bars and a range of shops.
Retail is everywhere in Exeter with a mixture of independent stores as well as the big High Street names. There are bars, restaurants and clubs that will appeal to everyone, from traditional Devon pubs and classic fish and chip shops to global cuisine and cocktails.

Always in fashion

Whatever you’re visiting in Exeter for the wonderful history, beautiful views, engaging activities or the rich nightlife, be sure to bring your vape equipment and enjoy some of the amazing e-liquids available from Medusa Juice. Take a trip to one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops in Peterborough to check out the newest offers or sign up to the latest competition. While you’re exploring the tempting treats you can take a look at our amazing selection of accessories and our new clothing line.

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