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Fakenham is a market town located in Norfolk, England. It lies on the River Wensum, about nineteen miles north east of King’s Lynn. While you’re in King’s Lynn, be sure to visit one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops.

The name Fakenham is Saxon, which we believe means Fair Place or Place on a Fair River.
In 1086, according to the Domesday book, Fakenham had only 150 residents living within its borders. Hempton, on the opposite side of the river, was the larger community and had an abbey which accommodated the pilgrims who were on their way to Walsingham.

It has been A market town since 1250, Fakenham became the main centre when the abbey was dissolved by Henry VIII. The stalls probably occupied space around the parish church of St. Peter & St. Paul. Fakenham’s modern-day Thursday market is still situated very close to its original positioning and around the marketplace.



Modern Times saw printing has become the major industry in the 19th and 20th. Although the major printworks of Cox and Wyman closed during the 1970s. Still, there are more than ten
small printing firms around and near the town. A large number of printing blocks have been set into the surface of the market place as a memorial to this lost industry.

Recent investments in Fakenham has seen the town centre be renovated. It now enjoys a popular farmers’ market which is there every morning of the 4th Saturday of each month.

Fakenham is currently the home of Kinnertons Chocolate. They employ around 700 people. Also, established in 1978, Kinnerton Confectionery is now Britain’s largest manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionery which specialises in character licensing.

Before You Go

The town was the base for North Norfolk’s first independent commercial radio station, FTR FM, broadcasting. And On 25 May 2014, the historical Aldiss building, which had been a feature of the Fakenham town centre for many decades, was destroyed by fire. The building was at the time host to the Original Factory shop, after the Aldiss outlet had been moved in the 1990s. There is a currently a petition circulating around the local area for the site to be cleared and remain free of new building work, due to the scenic view of the local church now visible from the town square.
Fakenham has been long appreciated as a quiet place where not a lot happens so if you’re looking for that sort of place to spend some time, look no further. And don’t forget that wherever you are in Fakenham, it’s a great place to enjoy the premium e-liquids from Medusa Juice.

Some of the attractions in the town include Fakenham Racecourse and the Museum of Gas and Local History.
The Fakenham Museum of Gas and Local History is the only surviving town gasworks in England and Wales. It is complete with all equipment used for the manufacture of gas from coal retorts, condenser, purifiers, meter and gasholder. So, there you have it, Fakenham, it’s uncomplicated and peaceful. Visit it today and don’t forget to pack plenty of Medusa Juice vape liquids for your stay. You’ll be glad you did, because nothing is better than a quiet place, a great vape and knowing you paid less for those treats from Medusa Juice.

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