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Fun times in Falmouth

The picturesque harbour town of Falmouth is located on the River Fal along the south coast of Cornwall. The town is famous as a creative centre with many galleries and theatres displaying local work. Falmouth is also three hundred and thirty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough, so take a trip out to our store and explore the amazing range of e-liquids available. And while you’re there be sure to sign up to our contests, check out the latest offers and take a look at our range of vaping accessories and new clothing line.
Falmouth takes its name from the town’s location at the mouth of the River Fal. It is believed that the old Celtic name for the settlement was Peny-Cwm-Cuic which translates as the ‘head of the creek.’
Falmouth itself wasn’t created until the early 17th century by Sir John Killigrew, before then the main town in the area was Penryn further up the river. In the medieval period, Penryn was an important harbour where tin and granite were shipped.

History of Falmouth

In 1540 King Henry VIII had Pendennis Castle built in Falmouth to defend against invasion from France and the Holy Roman Empire. The Castle was improved with angled ramparts toward the end of the 16th century to deal with the treat of the Spanish Armada.
When the Civil War broke out, Falmouth remained Royalist and Pendennis Castle was the second to last fort to surrender to the Parliamentarian Army. Sir Peter Killigrew was famous for carrying messages for the king during the wars and after the Civil War he gave land for the building of the Church of King Charles the Martyr, dedicated to King Charles I. The church still stands in the centre of Falmouth.
Between the 17th and 19th centuries the Falmouth Packet Service operated out of the town, carrying mail across Britain’s growing empire. The town was also the first port for many returning Royal Navy ships as it was the most South-Westerly harbour of its size.
In the 19th century Falmouth was the site of a gold robbery when a shipment of gold dust from Brazil was stolen after arrival at the port. The town was also where news of the victory at Trafalgar first reached British shores and where Charles Darwin and HMS Beagle anchored after returning from their survey voyage.
In 1863 Falmouth was connected to the Cornwall Railway. The railways helped the town grow as a trading centre, allowing goods received by the harbour to be transported easily across the country. The railway also brought an increase to tourism with many Victorians eager to visit the coastal town.
Thirty-one people in Falmouth were killed by German bombings in World War II. The town was also the launching point for Operation Chariot, the commando raid on Saint-Nazaire, the only docks large enough to service the Bismarck and Tirpitz battleships.


To this day Falmouth remains a popular tourist destination with plenty to see and do. So, be sure to bring your vaping equipment so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids during your visit. The Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough is just a few hours away and offers a huge selection of e-liquids to choose from. And whether you visit in person or use our convenient online store, you can also check out the great vaping accessories and our new clothing line. Visit regularly to keep up to date with the newest additions, offers and contests.
For a look at Falmouth’s military history, why not start your visit by taking a trip to Pendennis Castle? The castle was built as part of King Henry VIII’s chain of coastal fortresses and is now a popular tourist destination run by English Heritage. Today there are a range of attractions at the castle, including interactive exhibits on the history of the fortress from Tudor times through the Victorian period and up to World War II when the castle was used as an artillery site. Tour the castle, admire the views and see the dozens of guns and cannons on display before grabbing a bite to eat at the castle’s cafe.
For more history you can check out the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. This vast collection of exhibits features more than fifteen galleries and a boatbuilding workshop as well as artworks, charts and memorabilia on everything from small boats to the Titanic. This award winning nautical museum is great for all ages.
Falmouth is also home to a selection of blue flag beaches perfect for everyone who enjoys sun, sand and sea. Gyllyngvase and Swanpool are just two of the nearby beaches where visitors can enjoy ice cream and golden sand just a short walk from the town centre.
While near the water you could also try one of the town’s boat tours or water sports centres. There are a whole range of activities to choose from, including canoeing, diving, waterskiing and jet skiing. So whether you’re an experienced veteran or a novice looking to take some lessons, Falmouth has what you need.
And away from the beaches there is even more natural beauty to enjoy. Falmouth has gardens and parks around every corner as well as being surrounded by breathtaking countryside. And if you’re looking for amazing views, try the cliff walking trails along the coast.
Falmouth offers a whole range of activities and distractions for visitors, including a strong art and culture scene. Visit one of the local galleries and theatres to check out what wonders local artists and musicians have to offer.

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