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The market town of Framlingham in Suffolk, England was recorded in the Domesday book and is of. Of Anglo-Saxon origin.

As with most of the small towns in this area, Framlingham is quant and while the population is still small compared to some of the larger cities nearby, there is a beauty and sense of well being one can appreciate from the first moment. You can’t help but feel that this is a place you would be happy to raise your family.

There are a few things of note in this town, one being the medieval Framlingham Castle. This is one of the town’s major features. The town also features the two oldest functioning Post Office pillar boxes in the United Kingdom. These are dated from 1856 and they are located on Double Street and College Road respectively.

Framlingham also has the distinction of being home to one of the smallest houses in Britain, known as the “Check House”. The Check house was converted into a two-storey residence of almost twenty-nine square metres. It was the former bookmakers office is located in the Mauldens Mill Estate in the town centre.


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Framlingham is also home to the comprehensive secondary school Thomas Mills High School. It also has the independent school Framlingham College, the Church of St Michael the Archangel and Framlingham Town Football Club. Be sure to catch a game and don’t forget your Medusa Juice e-liquids and tank for a really good time.

Framlingham plays an important military role and has since World War II. It houses Framlingham airfield. The field was built in 1942. It was used by the United States Army Air Forces Eighth Air Force. Built as a standard heavy bomber airfield to Class A specification. The three intersecting runways were of 2,030, 1,440 and 1,430 yards length. There was an encircling concrete perimeter track and fifty aircraft hardstands, along with two T-2 hangars, technical sites and Nissen hut accommodations for some three thousand persons, which were dispersed in the surrounding countryside.

Other Things Of Note

While no part of the airfield fell within the boundary of Framlingham parish, the site being some three miles to the east, it is nonetheless credited with the airfield and its administrative buildings. The airfield was opened in 1943 and was given USAAF designation Station 153. After the war, Framlingham Airfield became a clearing station for the rehabilitation of Polish nationals before being abandoned and closed in late 1948.

The land where it was located was returned to agriculture and the runways were broken up and ground into aggregate. Buildings were allowed to rot and or they were used for farm storage. This included the Control Tower which was shot up and abandoned after the Americans held a riotous farewell party there in August 1945.

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Afterwards, you could tour one of East Anglia’s oldest commercial vineyards. Shawsgate Vineyard produces a range of White, Red and Rosé wines as well as Quality English Sparkling wines. So be sure to get yourself over there and enjoy.

Things To Do

In 2006, Country Life magazine voted Framlingham the number one place to live in the country. Framlingham has a conservation area.

Some other fun places to see or things to do include The Lanman Museum. This is a museum of local history which is housed inside Framlingham Castle. The Lanman Museum is an independent museum run by volunteers and is based on the collection of the late Harold Lanman.

Within are some fascinating artefacts representing all of activities that you can enjoy in the area, particularly relating to the end of the 18th and early 20th century. This includes education, entertainment and farming. The case of artefacts relating to Sir Henry Thompson is of particular interest with gifts of Faberge from the Royal family for medical services rendered as well as from other aspects of his broad range of interests. He was the founding father of the Cremation Society, and an exhibitor at the Royal Academy, as well as being a writer and early adopter of the motor car.. Overall it presents an interesting view of a lifestyle and era which is no longer here.

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