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Frome, here and now

The picturesque town of Frome is situated at the eastern end of the Mendip Hills in Somerset. Frome is home to the annual Frome Festival and is just one hundred and seventy-eight miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. It is well worth taking a trip out to visit the store in person or making use of our convenient online store. Stock up on your favourite e-liquids as well as checking out the newest deals, contests and additions to our incredible range. And while you’re there, take a look at the our new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories for more great offers.

History and heritage

Frome takes its name from the Brythonic, old Celtic word ‘frama’ meaning fair or brisk. The history of Frome can be traced back to Roman times with the remains of a villa discovered nearby. Over fifty thousand coins, one of the largest collections of Roman coins in Britain, was discovered near the town and some of these coins are now on display in the British Museum.
A Saxon monastery was built at Frome in the 7th century and evidence suggests that the Saxon Kings used the town as a base for hunting in Selwood Forest. Frome also hosted a number of prominent leaders in the year 934 for a political gathering, indicating that the town was a significant location. And King Edred, one of the first English Kings, died in Frome in 955.
The Domesday book records that Frome was owned by King William and was the most prominent settlement in Somerset. The town was an important trading centre at the time and it later received a royal charter from King Henry VII granting the right to hold two annual fairs.
The medieval Hales Castle which overlooks Frome was built after the Norman Conquest. Constructed close to an Iron Age hill fort on Roddenbury Hill, the castle was built to oversee the town and protect the important Norman communication lines that ran nearby.
During the Monmouth Rebellion, an attempt to overthrow King James II in the 17th century, the Duke of Monmouth and his forces camped at Frome. Following the unsuccessful rebellion, twelve men were executed in the town and the Duke himself was tried for treason and beheaded at the Tower of London.
For centuries the manufacture of woollen cloth was Frome’s main industry. The town expanded as new workers arrived and over time clothiers became the principal landowners. By the 18th century Frome was regarded as one of the largest and wealthiest inland towns in England.
The wool industry declined toward the start of the 19th century and the town suffered with unrest and even riots. To revitalise itself Frome established other industries like manufacturing machine part and a metalworks that became a major employer producing bronze statues.
Since World War II Frome has seen new development and growth while retaining a lot of its historic charm. The town is still home to a large number of listed buildings and was called the “Sixth coolest town” in Britain by the Times newspaper in 2014.
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Fun in Frome

There is plenty to see and do in the historic town of Frome, including a thriving arts scene and a range of wonderful, independent stores. Walk along the picturesque Catherine Hill to visit some of the town’s shops or visit the historic marketplace. The beautiful countryside, wonderful architecture and traditional cobbled streets give Frome its distinctive appearance and help make it a great place to explore.
Nearby Nunnery Castle is just a few minutes out of town and well worth visiting. Built in the 14th century with improvements being made before the English Civil War, the castle was overwhelmed by Parliamentarian canon in 1645. Much of the castle walls still remain today so enjoy the peaceful village and wonderful architecture while learning about the castle’s fascinating history.
Visit Frome Heritage Museum for a journey into the eventful past of the town. This small museum is run by volunteers and features regularly changing exhibitions on local history with artefacts, documents and photographs. There are also permanent displays on some of the most prominent industries in Frome’s past, including cloth making, metalworks and printing.
Check out Frome’s vibrant arts scene by visiting one of the town’s many galleries, theatres or craft centres. Originally an 18th century tavern, Black Swan Arts is a contemporary gallery featuring innovative arts and crafts. Rook Lane Arts is also housed in a remarkable building, this time a two hundred year old restored chapel. This unique arts centre is a space for art, music, education and design as well as showcasing the work of local artists.
In addition to the galleries and multipurpose theatrical venues, the town also hosts Frome Festival. This ten day annual music and culture festival focuses on classical music, jazz, folk and indie as well as literature, drama and film. Held in early July, the festival attracts thousands of visitors and includes over a hundred and sixty events and workshops around town.

One final note

While visiting the historic sights or enjoying the beautiful countryside all around Frome, consider taking a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough where you’ll find a fantastic range of e-liquids. Visit the store regularly to stay up to date with the latest additions to our selection as well as great deals and contests. And if you’re looking for quality hoodies and t-shirts with great designs, take a look at the new Medusa Juice clothing line.

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