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Glastonbury: Mythical Avalon?

Glastonbury is a town in Somerset, which many believe to have been where the isle of priestesses in Arthurian legend lived and practiced. Unlike the myth of Arthur, Medusa Juice is one hundred percent factual and you can get all of your favourite e-liquids, equipment and other vaping needs there seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.
Glastonbury is about a two hour drive from Peterborough or King’s Lynn, and a bit longer to Norwich, all towns where you can visit the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in person.
Glastonbury has a large street market which is very diverse and interesting to visit. You can vape while walking from stall to stall sampling the various wares the vendors have on offer. Everything from antiques to homemade goods. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon.
The Glastonbury culture is iconic as is the music festival they have every year. You can see countless musicians and bands from all over the world and the event is one of the largest held in the United Kingdom. If you get a chance to visit while the festival is on, try to go, as it’s a rewarding and memorable experience. There is a great deal of New Age culture to be found in Glastonbury and if you’re into that sort of thing, you won’t be disappointed in the multitude of shops and Pagan related businesses to be found there.
We have evidence which proves that Glastonbury has been inhabited since the Neolithic Times and Glastonbury Lake Village was an Iron Age village. It was situated close the old course of the River Brue.

One special place

The Glastonbury Abbey is one of the most important abbeys in England and served as the coronation site for Edmund Ironside when he became the King of England in 1016.
There’s a longstanding myth that Joseph of Arimathea went to Glastonbury, struck the ground with his staff and a Glastonbury Thorn flowered miraculously there.
After sea levels rose and flooded the area in the seventh millennium, the Neolithic people began construction of wooden trackways, one of which is Sweet Track, one of the oldest engineered streets to exist in Europe. Since the discovery of Sweet Track, it’s been established that it was built along an even older route, the Post Track, which is dated around 3838 BC.
Sharpham Park dates back to the Bronze age and is about three hundred acres located two miles west of Glastonbury. Glastonbury Tor, which is said to have been built high on the hill in order to help defend it from the King of the Fairies, it provides a panoramic three hundred sixty degree view of the entire area and you can visit it while vaping your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquid. The Large Blue Butterfly is flourishing in this area and it’s quite enjoyable to sit watching them flit around while enjoying American Apple Pie or Attis Lemon Tang e-liquid from Medusa Juice.
Glastonbury is filled with lovely attractions, historical, architectural and of course, commercial. Be sure to plan your stay to get the most of of your time while in the area. I’ve made a list of several places you may enjoy. They were certainly worth seeing when we visited.

An island of magic?

As I have already mentioned, the Glastonbury Tor, but there are other lovely areas such as the Ham Wall Nature Reserve and Abbey Hall Playground.
The Abbey itself too, is a must see, as is the Chalice Well, White Spring Well and Temple, St. Margaret’s Chapel and Magdalene Houses, Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Facets of Avalon. If you can, be sure to stop by Somerset Rural Museum and Glastonbury Lake Village Museum as well.
There are several tours which you may find of interest and some of these include Tor’s Tour of the Tor, Divine Light Tours, Avalon Marshes Centre, Walking With Wizards and Mystical Earth Tours.
Glastonbury is big on book shops and speciality shops too and a few of my faves are Shieldmaiden, The Speaking Tree Bookshop, Labyrinth Books, Natural Earthling, Lilith of Avalon and Cat and Cauldron. I picked up some lovely local designer jewellery at Stone Age. There’s even a little comic store if you’re into graphic novels and the like. You may want to take your children in for a quick browse at the very least.

Druids and witches

Glastonbury is a centre of religious pilgrimage and tourism. It draws people from all over the world wanting to see the alleged place both Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur figure so prominently. But the real magic of Glastonbury is the lovely scenic area and how beautiful it is when visited while vaping on your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquids and perhaps using your new equipment you purchased from one of the three Vape Shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich.

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